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Conference on Creating Inclusive LGBTQ Communities

glbt-jewsJust thought I’d bring to your attention an amazing conference that’s happening in NYC in a couple of weeks (April 10th, to be precise). It’s called Transforming Beitech/a, and it’s for clergy, Jewish professionals, and folks studying to be one of those things, run by, and happening at, CBST. It’ll cover everything from lifecycle and ritual stuff to pastoral care issues, working with elders and youth, institutional audits, and a whole bunch of other things. It’s going to be fabulous, (and I’m not just saying that because I’m on the advisory board, either.)
Go here to learn more and to register.

3 thoughts on “Conference on Creating Inclusive LGBTQ Communities

  1. According to the CBST website they are an 800+ person congregation.
    I’ve never heard of a Jewish congregation that large that didn’t have a congregational school or a link with a day school. And I’ve heard so much about LGBTQ’s and their families.
    Is this the wave of the future?
    I don’t think so, but as an open minded person I’m willing to listen to counter-arguments.

      1. And even if they didn’t, they’re in New York. There’s no reason for hundreds of congregations to duplicate each others’ efforts.

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