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Conservative Law Committee Passes Living Wage Teshuvah

Mazal tov to Rabbi Jill Jacobs!! The Conservative Movement’s Committee on Jewish Law and Standards (CJLS) today passed Rabbi Jacobs’ teshuvah outlining the responsibilties of Jewish employers toward their employees. Check out our friends over at Jspot for a summary of the teshuvah’s conclusions; we’ll post a link to the full text once it’s available. This teshuvah has been several years in the making– yashar koach!

2 thoughts on “Conservative Law Committee Passes Living Wage Teshuvah

  1. Yasher koach!!! Did the CJLS also pass a teshuva saying the opposite? If not, then will the discourse in the Conservative movement finally change so that individuals or communities who keep Shabbat and kashrut but don’t observe the requirements outlined in this teshuva will be considered “not observant” or “less observant”?

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