Controversy Abounds For Jews With Upcoming Olympics

The Wiesenthal Center has levied a warning (bypass reg) to Jews not to travel to Greece and to steer clear of the upcoming Olympic Games in August, citing the Greek government’s disinterest in combatting antisemitism. Israel, which will be participating in the games, as well as providing security for the event, has not endorsed the Wiesenthal Center’s position.

In related news, a bit of a stir has been created by the fact that the Olympics’ website lists Israel under Europe (buh?) and has an asterisk in the place of Israel’s capital. The asterisk leads to a link on the UN’s website for further information on the topic. In turn, Palestine (which technically isn’t a country yet) is listed under Asia, and until a few months ago, had Jerusalem listed as its capital.

Also related, a Greek jav thrower has gotten clearance to represent Palestine in the upcoming games in Athens. Ha’aretz reports the athelete, Sofia Sakorafa, “hope[s] to represent the Palestinian team in an expression of solidarity for the Palestinians’ plight as a people living under Israeli occupation.”

And finally, Yassir Arafat has offered to “protect the Olympics from terrorism,” according to The NY Post. The man responsible for the massacre of 11 Israeli atheletes at the 1972 Munich games has instructed his shihadis to “protect, cooperate and prevent any isolated attack,” or so says Palestinian diplomat Marwan Abdelhamid. Now that’s what I call unmitigated gall… or as Post puts it, Olympic-size chutzpah!

More words from The Good Doctor on Olympic terror at ESPN.

6 thoughts on “Controversy Abounds For Jews With Upcoming Olympics

  1. Re: Athens website – note too how Taiwan has been turned into Chinese Taipei, down to losing its flag (replaced by the Olympic flag) and currency (replaced by New Chinese Taipei Dollars).

  2. also, don’t forget that Israel is not part of Europe but takes part in the Eurovision Song Contest.
    So it is classified for that in Europe as it is a member of the EBU – European broadcasting Union.
    Maybe something similar with how it has been classifed by the Olympics?

  3. also, if you look at the official site, it doesn’t have a section called Middle East, only Europe, Asia, America etc..

  4. Actually Israel is considered as part of Europe for pretty much all the major sports – soccer, basketball, athletics, swimming etc. This situation came up back in the 1960s because it was being boycotted by all its neighbours.

  5. There’s a distinction between Israel participating in European leagues and assocations (it does), and Israel being part of Europe (it isn’t).

  6. The knock on the olympic games was a cheap shot by sick jealous Jews. Its was all a lie that terrorist would stike Greece. Nothing Happened. During the ancient olympic games Greek doctors who invented plastic surgey re-atached the foresskins of participating jewish contestants BEFORE they could compete in the games. Thats why those sickos lie a get bet all out of shape!

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