Cop Matisyahu's New Album Free!

Wanna get Matisyahu‘s brand new album Live At Stubb’s for free, 100% legit? Sign-up for an account at eMusic here. You’ll get enough credits during your trial period to download the whole album in high quality MP3 format, as well as Mat’s critically acclaimed debut Shake Off The Dust…Arise, without paying nary a cent. Not only that, but eMusic has just added four Hasidic New Wave albums this week, in addition to having literally thousands of other great albums to choose from. Give it a shot! You’ve got nothing to lose, and 50 free, legal MP3s to gain!

8 thoughts on “Cop Matisyahu's New Album Free!

  1. And for where not to buy it from his blog…
    we are sorry to have to do this in such a negative way, but a site has been set up to cheat our fans out of their money.
    Matisyahumusic.com is a site selling Shake off the Dust…Arise and Matisyahu Live at Stubb’s for $20 each. The correct prices are $12 for SotD and $9.98 for Live at Stubb’s. This is an unauthorized site and we encourage you not to give them any business.
    Matisyahu Live at Stubb’s is available from the JDub store (store.jdubrecords.org) , amazon.com, and a host of other sites, and will be in Tower, FYE, Virgin, Newbury Comics, Amoeba Records, and a host of other stores nationwide.
    Thanks for your support!

  2. Mitisyahu was in the Express a free newpapers for people who ride the metro into DC. Was totally shocked when I saw him in there, but hey I guess he’s everywhere now! As they say…its a chabad world!!

  3. yo
    make with the list of good albums on eMusic – I have a piad account but find trawling for what I want an ass. I prefer Napster as a tool but the non-DRM makes life a heck of a lot easier.
    anways, if you have the time..

  4. I’m an emusic subscriber and have been for a long while now (with one interruption). They have a lot of good indie stuff, depending on what your tastes are. I’ve found:
    Tom Waits (Mule Variations, Alice, and whatever the latest one is)
    A Girl Called Eddy
    Dar Williams
    Jonathan Richman & Modern Lovers
    Badly Drawn Boy
    Silent League
    The Decembrists
    Cat Power
    Green Day (Kerplunk and some other early stuff)
    Thievery Corporation
    New Pornographers
    And lots and lots of world music, jazz, etc. etc.
    Hope that gives you an idea! (I’m not being paid to say this BTW — I’ve just had lots of luck finding stuff I want there)

  5. liz, did you see the j.e. writeup i did on suicide girls? it was the top news item for a day and a half.

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