Corruption Eating ARMDI

An anonymous tipster brings word of scandal in the ranks at American Red Magen David for Israel (ARMDI).

The Los Angeles-based Chairman of the organization’s Western Region has hired his org a PR consultant. This consultant, beyond receiving a $7,000 monthly retainer, charges significant fees for any work he does, and apparently, if a different district wants to reuse his work—say a newspaper ad—they will be charged nominally as well, though this doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone from contracting his services. However, the kicker is that this PR consultant is the Chairman of the Western Region himself! Talk about nepotism!

Some board members are reeling from the corruption…

5 thoughts on “Corruption Eating ARMDI

  1. Ellen Roffman is the paid director.
    A board of volunteers hires her. The chair of this board receives a “retainer” of $84,000 a year, plus thousands more for photocopying and mailing, etc.

  2. Great comments. Where did you get this information. I know first hand by being there and knowing how to blast this chairman out of the water.Please respond asap. Let us make a difference together. It is time that this person stops charging this outrageous amount of money to this organization.
    I have proof and hope you have a contact number. Thank you

  3. ARMDI submits this message in response to the postings on this website regarding ARMDI’s public relations contracts.
    The contract in question is no longer in effect.
    Ellen Rofman, ARMDI’s current Western Regional Director, was not employed by ARMDI when the contract was approved or entered into.

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