Could Ozzy Osbourne be donating money to your shul?

From the stranger-than-fiction department comes this little nugget. It turns out that Ozzy Osbourne’s father-in-law (who is Jewish) has bailed out a Manchester, England synagogue from financial straits. The Manchester Jewish Telegraph reported last week that Harry Levy, Sharon Osbourne’s father, donated more than $6,000 to the Higher Crumpsall/Higher Broughton Synagogue after finding out the synagogue owed money to the local burial board. The British-born Levy now resides in Los Angeles (in Howard Hughes’ former home) and appears frequently on the MTV hit reality series The Osbournes.

Although the attached picture of Ozzy with a bunch of Chabadniks at Purim has nothing to do with the story, we still thought it was priceless.

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