6 thoughts on “Crappy Birthday

  1. This might just be one of those things that the government prefers not to publicize. And not because of the hush-hush secrecy and intelligence work behind the scenes, but rather because it might show that the sometimes the Jew stands up and demands answers.
    But in the same week that Sharon goes to Bush as says how bad we are and then Abu Mazen says the same thing, then how can we stand up straight?
    What about Zachary Baumel? There’s so much circumstantial evidence ponting to him being alive, and year after year goes on…

  2. Yes indeed, the Zach Baumel case is getting more and more attention finally. I blog often on the reported evidence and his plight on my other blog. People are finally beginning to notice, jews and real american officials.

  3. I agree it’s about time we free Pollard. He’s just wasting away in there, and for what, the same sort of bullshit we witness everyday from loonies like hardliner screwball traitor Richard Perle. It’s time to let Pollard go and make a statement with someone more relevant. A REAL NEOCON. Someone who’s actually DONE SOMETHING RECENTLY aside from play tic-tac-toe on the concrete walls of his cell.
    Do I hate Jews? Of course, who doesn’t? I’m a big fan of Jew Watch personally.
    It’s not true. I don’t even understand the concept of anti-Semitism really. I was trying to see if I could pull it off there but I couldn’t do it.
    Jews aren’t the problem. Black people are the problem.
    That didn’t work for you either, did it?
    Actually, every Jewish person I know is cooler than the average person I’ve met. But thank GOD (whichever One you prefer) I don’t know Richard Perle or his loony buddies in the Project for a New American Tyranny. 20 or 30 assholes can really ruin the reputation of an ethnicity.
    (Hitler did the same thing for those cute little mustaches. It used to be the Charlie Chaplain mustache. Now it’s the Raving Insane Genocidal Maniac mustache. Man DOES THAT SUCK!)
    I just realized this post is disrespectful given the way your blog entry begins. Actually, it would be disrespectful if your blog entry was about Big Bird from Sesame Street. But it’s even more so now. I don’t mean any disrespect to the Israeli soldier. Those guys are tough and usually good people although they are sometimes asked to do unreasonable things by a government that has not always maintained a cool rationality (though as such it is hardly alone in that region). Godspeed to him and to the good people on the other side of the line as well.
    p.s. Don’t forget to make your donation to Jew Watch. Remember, a bank with a Jewish CEO is a bank that YOU (non-Jewish folk) will never be the CEO of. Unless you turn in a CEO application and are more qualified for the job. Now that I think about it, there’s no reason you can’t be the CEO of that bank. But if Henry Ford said it, it’s gotta be right! He was right about two or three other things (the assembly line, and…) — ok, one other thing! Actually, who likes assembly lines? Screw Henry Ford! If he was really somebody he would have created robots to do the job. And a BOX? Real aerodynamic, genius! A child with a box of crayons could do better. (YES, crayons were around. Geez, you don’t think I’d throw in an anachronism NOW do you? That would RUIN the ENTIRE POST! Who am I, some schmuck like Henry “Duh, I’m a Friggin Idiot” Ford?)

  4. Guy Hever´s brother was actually a friend of mine in highschool. Unfortunately the different MIA get different amounts of attention for political reasons.

  5. Yes, and the politics are mostly cover ups for screw up ands political nonesense.
    Baumel is an american – which is unitilized leverage.
    BTW, last i checked – Pollard was a convicted criminal, not an innocent MIA. at least we can communicate with him.

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