Crimes of Omission

The Globe and Mail abhors racism. The Globe and Mail has often condemned racism. But the Globe and Mail is racist in one precisely definable sense: it assigns more value to Jews than to other ethnic groups.

Michael Neumann (author of what I found to be the most acerbic and disquieting essay in The Politics of Anti-Semitism) takes on Toronto’s Globe & Mail for what he perceives as a pro-Jewish bias evidenced by the paper’s choices in reportage.

5 thoughts on “Crimes of Omission

  1. mobius continues to post the most anti semetic anti israeli he can get his hot little self hating hands onto. counterpunch and michael neuman write some of the most antisemetic literature out there, and mobius sees fit to feature these articles. the only interesting question about mobius is why he hates jews and israel. calling all shrinks…..

  2. g-d forbid you should read the article before you speak, let alone take note of the fact that i dis the author in my writeup, and note that it his own perception.
    i’ll add, however, that for all his faults, neumann still makes a valid point in this article.
    why don’t you try reading it and responding to the points in it, instead of flamebaiting me?

  3. I don’t know mo. The first article made some good points, but didn’t really convince me of anything. I think he is being very selective, ignoring things like terrorism (which has always, thoughout history, led to a military response). Also, he contradicts himself, saying at one point there is no outcry by the Israeli population (thus somehow making Jews generally culpable), yet earlier says that most Jews agree with him. Certainly he’s heard of the multitude of human rights organizations in Israel. Or does his paper not cover those? Which brings me to his second article, a really dull analysis of a single newspaper. If he doesn’t like it, this is the information age, and I think he can get his news from other sources.

  4. The Globe and Mail may well be the most reliable and unbiased national newspaper in Canada but I’ve long notice disparities in it’s reporting. And though Neumann’s article speaks of facts, his conclusions are narrow.
    The Globe speaks to its readers of whom the Canadian Jewish community is a well integrated component. There is an easily identifiable “under-reportage” of the tragedies of the Palestinians. But they get banner headlines compared to the more “remote” peoples of the world. To characterize this as a Palestinian/Jewish or Palestinian/Israeli or Arab/Israeli…relativism sidesteps the inherently racist approach that the Globe (like so many others) takes. To single out Jews from the Globe’s cohort of “prefered” or “relevant” peoples indicates a certain amount of bias.

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