Crown Heights, Coming To a TV Near You

“On February 16 at 9 PM (ET/PT), Showtime will premiere the original picture Crown Heights, starring Mario Van Peebles and Howie Mandel. The multi-layered film takes place in the wake of the Crown Heights race riots where long-simmering tensions were brought to the surface after an African-American child was killed in a tragic car accident. Based on a true story, the film dramatizes how two community leaders strove to create dialogue and foster cultural understanding between the Jewish and African-American residents in Crown Heights by founding Project Cure. As a result, two boys, an African-American and an Orthodox Hasidic Jew, come together to form a rap group and discover a friendship that sets an example for their peers and their parents.”

4 thoughts on “Crown Heights, Coming To a TV Near You

  1. I liked it better with Jim Carey and the Wayans in IN LIVING COLOR, “A Crown Height’s Story” spoof of a west side story

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