Damn, Did You Miss A Hot Party!

David Kelsey, Mobius, Sarah C. (aka Shamir Power), John Brown, and EV
It was an intimate scene Thursday night at the Korova, but a joyous one. We took in a respectable banknote for Jewish Fund For Justice‘s Katrina relief efforts. Photos here (c/o Gotham Pixel). The system was bumpin’, the vibes were high and welcoming, and a good time was had by all.
Thanks to Heeb (for a lifetime subscription to the ‘zine), The Jewish Fashion Conspiracy (for two t-shirts and a thong), ChosenCouture.com (for a $36 gift certificate and a limited edition Shabot 6000 kippa), Atlanta Jewish Life (for a year’s subscription), JDub Records (for two autographed copies of Matisyahu’s Live At Stubb’s and the new LP from The Leevees), Nextbook (for advanced copies of the first two titles in their Jewish Encounters series), Pearl Gluck (for an autographed copy of Divan: The Couch), The 14th St. Y (for tickets to various events and classes), Yidgear (for a gift certificate), Modular Moods (for two CD gift packs), and Soundwalk (for the male & female editions of their Williamsburg walking tour). Extra-special thanks to DJ Anaan, DJ Handler, Cris Nyne, and Toby Goodshank, as well as Alternative Fuel Source (for the soundsystem). Props as well to all of you who turned out.
Speaking of which: I was a little disappointed in the quantity but the quality was untouchable. What I hoped would be an opportunity for JewSchool’s NYC readers to get some face-time with our crew, turned out to be a happening in-party for Jewish artists and professionals.
In some ways I take it as an indicator of JewSchool’s influence. Hip, young Jewish artists and professionals are reading the site and coming out to support us. But the people in the streets — those outside the institutions; ya know, like you — they didn’t really turn out.
And so, ya know, being the exercise in radical transparency this is, and solely out of my desire to figure out how to better serve the Jewish community — I’m curious what kept you from coming Thursday night. Price? Location? Musical selection? Subject matter? Promotion? Us?
Don’t post just to hate. (Ie. If you don’t have anything helpful to say I advise you to consider the laws of Shimras HaLashon and to contemplate Midrash Rabbah 24:6-7.) Rather, be frank and polite. Let us know what kind of party you’d like us to throw.

47 thoughts on “Damn, Did You Miss A Hot Party!

  1. 12 bucks (thats 4.5 kimchi veggie hot dogs from sam at the LES, you get the point), and prior party plans i made with some friends… sorry, i wish i could drop by!

  2. Yeah, I didn’t come because I am nowhere near New York. Too bad all the cool Jewish stuff is happening there — NYC is too expensive, and in general not my kind of city. 😛

  3. i was totally planning on coming, but at the last minute the people i was gonna bring turned out not to be available and i was kind of nervous about coming on my own. so instead i stayed home and read. i lack all sense of adventure, i know. what’re you gonna do. um, i will totally come to the next one though?

  4. i totally pull the sam all the time and am nervous about showing up alone. but the real reason, sadly, was that it was a weeknight and usually it’s all i can do to get ready for work the next day and crash. but i was there in spirit!

  5. I was in friggin Moscow. Next time I’ll pay more attention and post a link on Jewlicious and maybe some of my brownshirt crew can come and party. I mean it was for a good cause, one of our boys is a refujew and we all have a soft spot for n’awlins. So good on ya Jewschool! Drinks (but dude, not Coors!), prizes, good deeds! Nice job.

  6. Uh… which is good ghostface. I wasn’t trying to be funny. My first post was a sincere, uhm kudo. My second one was simply a reaction to seeing a photo of John Brown. All this time I had no idea what he looked like and imagined all kinds of things. But look at him! Dude’s got excellent bone structure and a warm and friendly smile. Anyone who looks at the pic knows I’m not kidding! I mean I disagree with his politics, but that doesn’t mean everything I say about him is a dig. Sheesh. Y’all need to chill a wee bit.

  7. Perhaps a suggestion would be reading God’s Word not Talmud and throwing a Jewschool.com Get’s Saved Party! Mikvah aka Baptism’s all night long. There ya go. Talk about Shimras HaLashon…doesn’t look like you held to that too much when it came to “50 Shekel” Hypocrites perhaps? Jew bet yo 50 shekels on that 🙂

  8. when you turn into a soul soliciting douche you are khayyav kareit yo. and when you are a whack mc you must expect to get smacked. call me a zealot, but i ain’t standin for caesar up in hur.

  9. Honest answer?
    I feel completely detached from the type of Jews I imagine would go to this thing. Which sounds horrible, but… I’ve been to these kinds of things, and the first question I get is “YOU’RE Jewish…? I thought you were here with someone… you’re sure you’re not Puerto Rican?” shrugs

  10. CONTINUATION. Sorry. I used a bracket, clipped my answer.
    “… you’re sure you’re not Puerto Rican?” Not that the two are mutually exclusive. The last thing I went to of this ilk was a UJA-Federation thing, and it was all these Upper East Side shtarkers that I’d sooner rob than talk to. I guess I’m a a weirdo. I go to these things, I feel acutely class conscious.

  11. Unfortunately, I live a long long way from NYC. But if you ever throw a Jewschool shindig in Houston or Austin, I’ll get me and my homies to come. Maybe Kinky Friedman, too, you never know.
    Aviad, they got you all twisted around, don’t they? Come back home to Torah, brother. You don’t need their pyramid scheme madness of a religion.

  12. Yeah, Muffti echoes CK (except on the John Brown thing…sorry dude). You guys finally look like y’all are having a good time! If Muffti wasn’t so goddamned busy these days, and scared that it would look like your last big meeting, he woulda shown up. When’s the next one? Muffti’s gonna clean his brownshirt and everything.

  13. Mufti,
    That would be very sweet of you to leave the suburbs and shlepp all the way into the city just for us.
    If you do, I will personally buy you a drink next time, to make sure the infrequent journey is worth it.

  14. 50 shekel actually came back for more?!
    i think were all a bit tired of it.
    We hope you do teshuva 50, in the mean time, stay away.

  15. I want to take this opportunity to say that I really enjoyed meeting everyone that I got to meet – a very cool bunch of folks
    I hope there are more get-togethers like this in the future – I would definitely show up again. Thanks for setting it up Dan. Also a special thank you to David Kelsey for buying me a shot – I owe you one
    Aviad Cohen – you should have showed up.. who cares what anyone thinks about beliefs. The founding creative director of XXL magazine was in attendance and I would have introduced you

  16. Buy him a drink! That’s pretty bad ass of you Kelsey, mixin it with the brownshirts and all – wanna show what a real bad ass you are? Link to Jewlicious from your blog. Go on, do it. All the cool kids are! I mean frig, we did get you your 2nd ave. subway, it’s the least you could do. CK will also be in NYC late December, and as is our minhag, the Jewlicious gang will pour forth from beit Jewlicious on the Lower East Side and much it up at the seedier drinking establishments. You are welcome to buy a round. Link or no link, your money’s as good as anyones. We promise not to beat on you like a helpless little Jew.

  17. A round is a bit much, CK. I’m a bit cheap for that — you know how we Jews are (oops! Anti-Semitic sterotype invoked. Oh well. you guys know how I am! ) And the offer to GM was if he went to OUR event. And anyway, I wouldn’t buy the Middle a glass of tap water.
    But yeah, I owe you one for the second Ave subway endorsement. And I admit that. So maybe I’ll drop by, provided Middle won’t be there, and it’s after Dec. 19th — just to show support. And you and GM can show me all about this Lower East Side that you speak of.

  18. bloody-well decentralise, you ‘cool’ jews. NY gets all the interesting cultural stuff. everyone else gets shafted.
    shaft! you damn right.

  19. I’m loving the website and the potentials of transforming the established Jewish community…but the New York-centricity has got to end. Put the party on wheels and visit us in Boston, DC, Miami, and the rest of the States — then you’ll see your readers

  20. Oh, The Middle is coming? Well then, perhaps you should have your event at the new Starbucks on Allen street. I hear the decaf fronzen frappaccinos are just splendid. And remember, the owner is a Zionist.

  21. Kelsey: TheMiddle lives on the West Coast and has no plans to be in New York any time soon. Having said that however, we would be thrilled to have him with us anytime, anywhere! He is a fun and eloquent guy!

  22. “turned out to be a happening in-party for Jewish artists and professionals.”
    what do you mean by “jewish professionals”?
    Jews who work?, jews who work as bankers and lawyers etc.?

  23. Zionista,
    I know! I just grabbed a drink container from the table! Right guys? John Brown, Mobius, Shamir Power, EV? Guys?
    I was already 3 sheets to the wind, and did not want to buy another drink.
    So I guess I wasn’t drinking responsibly. I rarely drink beer, and certainly not Coors.

  24. Hmm, I’m jewish, and I am not a professional, nor am I hip, or an artist…yet I showed up. I would have been able to bring about six to ten people except for the …..location. For real, a bunch of my friends would not come because of that bar…
    that bar sucks pretty fucking hard in general. I almost did’nt go cause I hate that bar so hard, but I figured since it would’nt probebly be the regular crowd it might be alright. But the suckatude of the bar prevailed.
    Also if you want the people outside of the establishment, don’t hold it in hipster heaven. I dare say being a hipster is very establishment these days.
    I don’t really have alternative ideas, which means I am sucking a little bit, but that’s my opinion and you asked for it.

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