DC Jews for Obama Havdalah, Rally – This Sat, Feb 9

For the Jewish Obama supporters in the audience… If you are in DC, definitely check out this event. If not, please forward the information on to your friends in Washington.
Kein, Annu Yecholim
Yes, We Can
A Havdalah, Rally, and Fundraiser for Barack Obama
Saturday, February 9th
6:05pm – 7:30pm
Stars Bistro
2120 P St. NW
Washington, DC 20037
Dan Shapiro (Barack Obama’s Middle East Adviser)
Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb (Rabbi of Adat Shalom Congregation; President of the Washington Board of Rabbis; leader in Jewish environmental and social justice efforts for over a decade*)
“Kein, Annu Yecholim (Yes, We Can)” is an opportunity for Jews from the metro DC area who are inspired by Barack’s message of change to gather together in support of his presidential campaign. We will conclude Shabbat with a Havdalah (separation) service led by Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb and hear from speakers including Barack’s Middle East adviser Dan Shapiro and others.
There will also be opportunities for people to volunteer to Get Out The Vote for the upcoming DC/MD/VA primaries on Feb. 12th and to get involved with DC Jews for Obama.
$18 – $72 sliding scale suggested donation at the door
plus one drink minimum (drink specials available)
Please RSVP at:
(If you can’t make it, but would like to contribute in honor of this event, please use the link above.)
Questions? Interested in volunteering to help out at the event?
Email dcjewsforobama at gmail dot com
*for identification purposes only

5 thoughts on “DC Jews for Obama Havdalah, Rally – This Sat, Feb 9

  1. Too bad Barack’s team can’t do it at a kosher restaurant, like Eli’s in DC.
    While I recognize that most Jews don’t keep kosher, it would be nice if Jewish outreach events didn’t violate Jewish law.

  2. I agree, amechad, but I don’t think Eli’s is even open on Saturday nights. Also, I imagine there will be a lot more drinking than eating going on, anyway.
    And for Barack supporters on the NW/NE/Maryland side of the DC region, I just read here that there will be an Obama rally/fundraiser in downtown S.S. tonight. Click for details and an awesome pic of the candidate.

  3. Hey Amechad,
    While it’s not a kosher restaurant (Eli’s simply isn’t big enough), there will be kosher wine available. Thanks!

  4. Barack Obama is a candidate we should all get behind. Lets put the fact that his spiritual adviser is antiba caucasian, anti-Israel, and a terrorist apologist. Barack is a slick speaker, and after eight years of Bush, we need someone who really knows how to b.s. the public. Also , let’s ignore the fact that Barack’s foreign policy team is NOT for Israel. We really don’t need Israel anymore, anyhow.

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