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  1. Beautiful. In the spirit of “Der Fuehrer’s Face” and Adam Sandler’s remarks about Osama and goats. The most important thing to do with animals like Arafat is to destroy them, of course, but it’s also good to mock them in public.
    This coming Shabbat, I’ll be drinking Golan wine and maybe Arak. If your’e one of the people who felt a kick in the gut every time the ugly swine murdered another victim, wherever you are, Jewish or non-Jewish, please do the same.

  2. Attempt at an Impromptu Translation:
    blessed is He who gives us rest from our enemies
    be joyous and sing, the one who sits in Zion — joyful song at the destruction of evildoers
    the ra’iis has been cut down

    Together with the whole house of Israel, we are happy at the death of this great [infidel?], who cleaved to hatred of Israel which was the tradition of his ancestors — the first in every act of murder, his hands dripped much Jewish blood, he shortened many lives – men, women and children – and many widows and orphans were made by his disgusting actions, he who [released?] shaheeds and terrorists,
    as bitter as wormwood, may the name of evildoers rot,
    the chairman ABU ‘AMAR
    awardee of the Nobel (respelled as menubal ‘lowlife’) prize, Yassir Arafat, chairman of the organization of murderers may their name and memory be erased, whose [seventh?] soul was lost to him, [….(something)…] giving life to all the living, and raising our spirits – may many more Arabs be like you – but the Lord of the World has gladdened us as in the days he [answered?] us.

    among those who mourn you are
    Suha, your house, the suicide bombers,
    and all your [admirers?] who make peace bloody.

  3. I get the idea, and I hate ‘Arafaat (btw, his name is misspelled on the thing) as much as the next guy, but… what’s with the anti-Arab racism?

  4. The phrase about the Arabs can be translated a few ways, like many Hebrew phrases. Literally it can mean “may many be like you from among the children of Ishmael”. Racist? I’m not convinced. To begin with, the “from among”, to me means that it’s not making a categorical statement about Arabs, but is distinguishing between different Arabs.
    However, the use of the word k’motcha, those like you, to me means those Arabs like Arafat, those who want to kill Jews. Furthermore, Yirbu, may they be increased, is itself used idiomatically in the connotation of ‘may there be more like them’, as in ‘ken yirbu’ when listing children or scholars, so Yirbu K’motcha might be a little redundant if translated as “may more Arabs be like you”. Yirbu K’motcha to me is just saying that those Arabs who are like Arafat should suffer the same fate.

  5. “May many more Arabs be like you”??? What is THAT? Why would anybody want that? — for real.
    Who wrote this? Where was it published? (And why is it featured on Jewschool?)

  6. it is a parody of typical death notices that are posted around religious neighborhoods in israel when a great rabbi dies

  7. it is a parody of typical death notices
    A parody, huh? What inquiring minds want to know are (1) who authored the parody — and (2) where was it published?

  8. I think it treanslates as may all the arabs who are like you, increase, )meaning that they should be dead)

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