Der Holy Rebbe

The Forward reports,

American Apparel founder Dov Charney is notorious for ads featuring scantily clad young women modeling his company’s clothes while striking provocative poses. Now, it appears, he’s found religion — or at least he’s found the appropriate rebbe: Woody Allen.
The trendy T-shirt purveyor recently put up a billboard at the busy corner of Houston and Allen Streets on New York’s Lower East Side featuring a massive image of the neurotic filmmaker dressed as a Hasid from his masterpiece “Annie Hall.” Beside the picture, written in Yiddish, are the words, “der heyliker rebe” — “the holy rebbe.”
Responding to an inquiry from the Forward, Alex Spunt of American Apparel explained: “Woody Allen is our spiritual leader.”

Berel add his two cents at Seven Fat Cow.

13 thoughts on “Der Holy Rebbe

  1. uh no, it wasn’t… it was copied from the forward, which i read religiously, and then from heeb which kelsey forwarded me the link to erev shabbos. but thanks.

  2. I have no warm feelings for American Apparel, but I just get a fuzzy sensation just seeing real Yiddish on a billboard on Houston and Allen.

  3. “The trendy T-shirt purveyor” has had tsuris with his workers, or, rather, they have had trouble when trying to unionize.
    Do a search on for
    {keep the quotes}
    and you’ll see
    Try it again with
    and you’ll find more.

  4. Arieh Lebowitz: why don’t you also google the following:
    Average garment worker salary at AA: $13.50 an hour
    Average garment worker salary in the US: $7.50 an hour
    People employed by AA at its LA factory: over 5000
    People on waiting list for future employment at AA: over 1000
    or free employee bikes and on site bike mechanic
    or free on site masseuses and ESL courses
    or company subsidized health care: $8 a week
    or company subsidized dental care: $75 a year
    but if altiu erb dtr g

  5. That’s not the point mobi – who was first or last – but rather that what the fcuk has happend to Jewschool over the past few months?
    – it’s like some reguritated left-wing repetition of itself, like the re-eating of it’s own stomach juices
    – Jewschool – has just lost ‘it’
    – it’s like you’re just repeating the same thing over and over and over and over, and it’s plainly not intersting, their seems to be no new material, it’s as if you’re just not inspired by Jewschool anymore and that you’re board, I know i am, i used to love having a look at Jewschool and now – it’s a relatively rare occurance, just because it’s the same pradicable rubbish as always, the same lines, it’s become stagnent, uninspired
    and as always mobi you take any kind of critisism and feedback personally – which is just a plain stupid thing to do, for someone that manages as many sites as you do,
    but there it is, cow is just more – cool in it’s own self satisifyingly repugnant way.
    and jewschool is like the juices of a cows stomach, just he same trash over and over, seven fat cow is offically (cos i’ve said it) the coolest blog in town,
    and yes i have seen the all new – which looks fab but is just as intellectually pradicable as heeb and jewschool.
    so i’ve said it and just for effect i’ll say it again, and again, mobi – get fresh – no matter how many times you change the look of jewschool – it still ends up the same
    – seven fat cow – has a boring stupid wordpress template – but is kicking your ass – because it is empassioned and inspired.
    and yes i can’t spell – neither could Einstein (does that make you clevererererererer?)

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