Desperate Housewives

From the JTA “Breaking News” scrollbar:

A Baltimore-based kosher organization is offering a cash prize to any matchmaker who marries off an Orthodox woman in the city.

The Star-K service said it is offering $2,000 in response to a “crisis” among Orthodox singles, the New Jersey Jewish News reported. The single woman must be at least 22 years and two months old at the time the engagement is announced.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out what the Star-K has to gain by this ridiculous maneuver (and the more absurd specific age requirement of 22 years and two months) unless they’re trying to breed a new generation of stay-at-home moms who do nothing but pump out little Yankle Chaims and Raizle Brachas while wearing a sheitel, an apron, and using Star-K approved products.

C’mon, people … 22 and still single? That’s not such a travesty. When she’s 32 and single, then sound the alarms. But in the meantime, my dear Star-K organization, stick to kosher supervision.

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