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Diabolical Diebolds

I’m usually not a conspiracy theorist,diebold.jpg but there are definitely nefarious motivations to consider before dismissing these Diebold voting machine “flipping” allegations.
Let’s be honest. Who benefits most from Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney’s defeat? That would be the J-E-W-S Neocons.
But these Diebold voting machines had every reason to side with the Zionists Neocons in this primary.
Who more than any other group wants to outsource labor? Who believes in “market solutions” through privatization?
The Neocons.
And who will replace labor at the voting booths themselves if the Neocons have their way?
Machines.  Diebold machines. 
Of course, Neocon defenders might counter that if this were true, the Diebold machines would have conspired to back Lieberman, but no one is saying the goals of Diebold machines and the Neocons are one and the same.  Lamont is no Luddite, and will be sensitive to fiscal pressures and cost cutting realities.  And therefore a Dieboldist. It was therefore prudent for the Diebold machines to avoid machinations and maintain neutrality in that primary.  When in doubt, just do your job.  
But McKinney’s election was a less ambiguous situation for the Diebolds. Not ambiguous at all, in fact.
Was it a coordinated effort?
I’m not going to say for sure. 
But McKinney stood as a brave bulwark against the goals of both constituencies.
And now she’s out.

13 thoughts on “Diabolical Diebolds

  1. Let’s see….
    – We can’t use paper ballots because it’s so easy to steal elections with “dangling chads” like the Evil BusHitler
    – We can’t trust voting machines because they’re made by the Evil Military-Industrial complex
    I KNOW!
    We’ll just abolish elections altogether, and impose our will through the courts-n-media.
    In the name of The Downtrodden of course – but there’s no need to actually *consult* the Common Folk about how we shall run their lives, because it’s obvious that we know better – look at the Worker’s Paradise we’ve created in Russia Cuba China Vietnam North Korea.
    In the name of progress.
    Death To Diebold!
    Down With Democracy!

  2. Unless she shows the guts of the Mexicans.
    Wow. Great post, David. Am running out to the demonstration, and will ‘comment’ when I return.

  3. Aren’t these the machines that gave Bush the election by “delivering” Ohio as the company’s president promised?
    I don’t necessarily buy it about McKinney because there had been polls and news stories for weeks before the election that she was in trouble. But Ohio had been predicted by everyone to go for…who ran against Bush again? Oh yeah…John Kerry for weeks beforehand, I think.
    Hey, some conspiracy theories are true. Like, for example, the way the Jews start all the wars.

  4. WHAT? I liked this post, and so did Cole and Miriam? How is this possible? Oh, wait. Looks like some folks missed the “humor” tag (or just don’t get DK’s exquisite sarcasm). Like I’ve said earlier, some people are beyond parody.
    Great job, DK. You must be feeling increasingly alarmed by a lot of the people on your side of the political fence. If I could convince you that most of us conservatives really do want get people out of poverty, would you reconsider your allegiances?

  5. well, if it was supposed to be sarcasm, and none of us “got it” and would only be able to because of a tag, than the writing would need something more there–so i don’t know, is it supposed to be sarcastic, because clearly for some of us, it doesn’t ring as sarcasm. and because it doesn’t, well said.

  6. A short history of the origin of neocon-ism can be found on pp. 284-287, “A Jew in America,” Arthur Hertzberg (z’l).
    “Neonconservatism was the label coined and adopted by Irving Kristol and Norman Podhoretz…” , neither of whom cared a thing about Zionism or Israel — until 1967.

  7. J I don’t think so. Sarcasm can’t just come through a humor tag–again if that was Kelsey’s point, it didn’t come through in the actual writing of his post.

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