Dick Cheney: The Modern Anne Frank?

Drudge reports,

Top White House officials expressed anger after TIME magazine detailed the location of Vice President Dick Cheney’s secret bunker, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

In new editions, TIME revealed “Site R,” an underground bunker on the Maryland-Pennsylvania border where the Vice President spent much of his time in 2001.

TIME wrote: “Deep under Raven Rock Mountain, Site R is a secret world of five buildings, each three stories tall, computer filled caverns and a subterranean water reservoir. It is just 7 miles from Camp David.”

Raven Rock Mountain is easily found using basic geographical maps.

One White House officials fumed Monday night: “TIME magazine would have revealed secret the location of Anne Frank, if they knew it.”

Oy gevalt. Time magazine, by the way, is far from the first publication to disclose the location of Site R. (c/o John Brown)

3 thoughts on “Dick Cheney: The Modern Anne Frank?

  1. Cheney gets busted for having secret underground caves, so the republicans play the nazi card on time magazine for something they haven’t done. Oh yeah, that’s just super.

  2. Not just on government watch websites and the media. It’s a popular location for novelists, too. It plays in pretty big in Memorial Day.

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