Dig on swine? There’s the unemployment line…

A Catholic employee of a Muslim-owned company was fired for eating a BLT in the company lunchroom. Though the company claims to respect the religious beliefs and practices of all of its employees, the CEO felt that the ‘uncleanliness’ and offensiveness of pork to the company’s Muslim employees trumped the woman’s right to eat it on the premesis.

17 thoughts on “Dig on swine? There’s the unemployment line…

  1. Eugene Volokh points out at http://tinylink.com/?oYMVdufssk that this does not constitute religious discrimination in the legal sense. “Antidiscrimination laws bar people from discriminating based on the employee’s religion. An employer may still discriminate based on their employee’s conduct — food preferences, sexual preferences, and the like — because of the employer’s beliefs, whether those beliefs are religious or secular.”

  2. I wonder if the company can prove that an oral warning to not bring stuff into the lunchroom is enough and if it will hold in court. If she went ahead ‘davka’ to push the limits, then let her go find another job.
    At my company in Israel, I don’t think anyone will be fired for bringing treif, or mix meat and dairy in the lunchroom or kitchenettes, they’ll probably throw out the dishes, if they can find the accused ones. It’s too bad we don’t care as much…

  3. man, what a crock of shit!! you’d think 9/11 would’ve given the world a wakeup call about muslims. what about this shit! someppl are so f*kin blind!

  4. Oy veh. Cuz some stupid hag – who was told repeatedly about company policy – can’t get it through her thick head NOT to bring pork to work that should reflect badly on Muslims? What planet are you from?
    Firing her does step over the line. But then so does you’re rabid racism.

  5. I think you need to respect the environment in which you work. It’s not like there are not hundreds of other lunch options or that they told her she couldn’t eat pork OUTSIDE the office on her lunch break.
    We had a receptionist at my current office who was told repeatedly to adhear to the dress code (which was clearly written) but insisted on dressing like a hooker everyday. Eventually she was let go- and no, she was not hot… not hot at ALL!

  6. “someppl are so f*kin blind!”
    Donna… you shouldn’t talk about yourself that way. Clearly you have low self-esteem or you wouldn’t resort to picking on an entire religion of people to make yourself feel better.

  7. look, MACHER.
    I’m entitled to express my opinion on muslims whenever I want!
    Besides, If you’re too stupid to realize that 90% of the terror networks are linked to islam, then maybe you’re another lefty blind man.

  8. Think of a Jew doing the same thing in his business. Anti-semitism aside, it is a courtesy to accomodate employees in the US. This is anti-cultural bias and hate on the part of the Muslim company.
    Answer me this, Macher. Why is it so wrong to find fault with Muslims. Do they deserve special protection for their unneighborly actions?

  9. I’m siding with the company on this one. They didn’t fire the women because she is a Catholic, they fired her because she broke company policy, a policy that should have been written down. But even if it wasn’t, it’s the same situation as a person performing their duties satisfactorily, but seriously offending, intentionally or through negligence, the rest of the staff. She is disrupting the work environment in a way she could easily avoid.
    And Donna, just because 90% of Jewish organizations worldwide are tired to the financial markets, the media, and politics, doesn’t mean that all Jews run these institutions.

  10. She was told not to eat pork in there! It’s extremely disrespectful to the religious workers, and she was probably just trying to prove something rather then simply forgetting. It was company policy, and she sounds like a total bitch.

  11. “they fired her because she broke company policy”
    I’m sorry, but that is a pretty f*cked up company policy of you ask me.

  12. Why did she not respect the religious views/rules of her employer and why so flagrantly, I wonder. I agree her termination constitues as inappropriate action but it can also be argued that her consumption of a BLT in the company lunch room was, a little, provocative.

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