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Dining on Passover

Unlike Christmas, which starts months in advance, Passover only starts getting any kind of treatment a couple days before the holiday. At least on mainstream websites – Jewschool has been plugging Passover for months it seems.
Luckily for those living in New York City, New York Magazine gives a list of restaurants to celebrate the seder at. Tabla Bread Bar, Rosa Mexicano, and Zoe. Gothamist kindly tacks two more onto the list; Knickerbocker Bar and Grill, and Sammy’s Roumanian Steakhouse. Apparently, since this is a trend – Time Out New York also gives a list – though here I admit, I get slightly confused:

Le Marais
Four-course kosher meal with wine includes tomato-and-mushroom chowder, green-tea-poached salmon, baby-lettuce salad, veal chop, and chocolate cake. The dinner costs $55 for children.

Is Le Marais kosher for Passover? Did Time Out New York make a mistake? Does anyone have any insight into the inclusion of a generally (as far as I know) Kosher restaurant on a Passover eating list?
Or you can do what I am doing, and go to family for Passover. Novel, yes. But I feel really good about my decision. And if your concern is lengthy seders – because perhaps you caught the sneak preview of When Do We Eat? – download Michael Rubiner’s “The Two-Minute Haggadah” from Slate.

3 thoughts on “Dining on Passover

  1. There are usually a bunch of restaurants in NYC that are open during chol hamoed, and through some sort of rabbinic loophole, some of those locations have also had “sign-up in advance” dealios where you could arrange for payment beforehand and have Shabbat meals there, while maintaining the whole “not open on Shabbat” thing–theoretically, that should be possible for Pesah too. Me? I’m off to Jersey, cause I can’t frickin’ deal. Hag sameah, y’all!

  2. From Kehilat Hadar, K for P places in NYC:
    Abigael’s 1407 Broadway (212) 575-1407 reservations required
    Darna 600 Columbus Avenue (212) 721-9123
    Le Marais 150 W. 46th Street (212) 869-0900
    Levana 141 W. 69th Street (212) 877-8457 large groups only – contact in advance
    Mendy’s Restaurant 61 E. 34th Street (212) 576-1010 this location only
    My Most Favorite Dessert Company 120 W. 45th Street (212) 997-5130 Dairy
    Park East Grill 1564 2nd Ave. (212) 717-8400
    Prime Grill 60 E. 49th Street (212) 692-9292
    Solo 550 Madison Avenue 212-833-7800 may already be booked – call for details

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