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Disengagement an Illusion: Israel still in control of Gaza, says envoy

Ynet News reports that the international Middle East envoy, James Wolfensohn, has accused Israel of behaving as if it has not withdrawn from the Gaza Strip, by blocking its borders and failing to fulfil commitments to allow the movement of Palestinians and goods.

5 thoughts on “Disengagement an Illusion: Israel still in control of Gaza, says envoy

  1. Shana tova JB.
    This is true. The official disengagement plan that was proposed by Sharon and rammed through the knesset is supposed to guarantee the increase of Palestinian workers crossing the ‘border’ as well as the guarantee of freedom of movement for PA goods.

  2. PA goods = bomb belts, shrapnel, terror. A negative trade balance that still needs to be corrected, the sooner the better.

  3. As usual, an inordinate amount of responsibility for sustaining any kind of momentum to the peace process is heaped upon Israel. It makes no sense to tolerate, and even glorify, Palestinian militias and their “resistance” while blaming Israel for the lack of a genuine civil culture in an emergent Palestine.

  4. We know that the PA’s greatest ally is the U.S. media and much of the blood of antonagism is on their hands. If a terrorist dies in a gun battle with the IDF: “Israel ‘kills’ so-and-so, commander so-and-so alleges was a member of Hamas.” Compare this to: “[U.S] soldiers Corner Terrorist Suspect Shot While Evading Capture.” Self-defense is a basic human right. We are beyond knowing that Jews are culpable for merely trying to exist…anywhere except when we are considered useful.

  5. Did I miss something here the Palestinians since the disengagement have..
    1.Burned down Shuls
    2.Shot Rockets and Missles at Innocent Israelis outside of Gaza
    3.Blew up five innocent people in Hadera
    Screew you and Condi Rice The Palestinians have not proven that they deserve to cross the boarders yet start behaving like humans and maybe the Israelis will treat you accordingly

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