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Dispatches from the Hazon Food Conference: Live blog

The snow is falling here in Falls Village, CT over a gorgeous frozen lake. The food, of course, is fabulous, as would befit the Hazon Food Conference. Highlights have included feta stuffed salmon, fresh made goat cheese, and vegetables all grown at the Adamah farm up the road.
In case you were worried you’d miss all the fun, or in case you were one of the dozens on the waitlist for the conference, your live blog team YehuditBrachah, Kol Ra’ash Gadol, and Kung Fu Jew are on the job.
Over the course of this weekend, we will keep you updated on the various goings-on that we think would interest the Jewschool community. Some of these have already included the Rubashkin scandal and kashrut ethics, environmentalism, food sustainability, and new developments in the eco-kashrut movement. We wanted to make sure to get in a dispatch before Shabbat.
First of all, the goats are dead. More on that later.
The sun is beginning to set behind the four foot tall recycled vegetation menorah set up outside. (KRG: This sounds kind of goofy, but it’s actually really beautiful…) We have to run off to get ready for Shabbat — to be in time for candle-lighting with Rabbi Steve Greenberg — but we promise to return motzei shabbat with reflections on the various speakers, organizations, and this growing food justice community.
Also, the goats.


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