Divine Desire

An academic conference called God and Sexuality is set to roll April 9th and 10th in NYC, open to the public. According to the offical propaganda, some of this year’s sessions include:
Reconstructionist Judaism and Marriage Equality (Rebecca Alpert)
The Other-ing Discourse of the Jewish Menstrual Laws (Tamar Benzikry)
Blessing Sexuality in Judaism. (Renee Bauer)
Ritual As Container for States of Non-Ordinary Consciousness (Stephen
McDonnell, President of Dignity Washington )
The Spiritual Salad Bar: Religious Organizations as Resources for Queer Women (Melissa Wilcox)
The Return to Greenwood: Identifying the “Gay Canaan” (Perry Brass)
May Love and Justice Increase: Rituals for Same-Sex Ceremonies (Diann Neu)
Seducation of Ritual: How Blind Acceptance of Same-Sex Marriage will Ritualize Control, Not Love (Bob Langjahr)
Erotic Ritual in Literature and Film / Literature and Film as Erotic Ritual
(Panel moderated by Christine Hoff Kraemer)
LGBT Liturgies (Siobhan Garrigan and Patrick Evans)
and many more
If you’re interested, clicky-click the above link for registration info.

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