20 thoughts on “Divine Sacrilege

  1. If the person is Jewish, then I hope it wears off over time. If it’s a real tattoo, then the person in the picture is a misguided fool.

  2. What is you point with is? A comment on how secular judaism is tryign everthing they can to remove onself from tradtional judaism. A protest on rules an regulations. Or a social commentary on assimulation to the majority world. Any which way i am not surpised. For YOU can go as left at YOU want al-mighty Mobiusm but any1 going too far right, U CENSOR. ahhh feels good to bask in hypocriticalism, eh?

  3. Frankly a good reason not to have a tattoo: If you ever HAVE TO commit a crime, it is one less identifying mark you have. (That aside. I agree, not a very interesting tattoo.)

  4. 1. check out my site http://www.tattoojewmovie.com for more on this discussion from my perspective. 2. it’s interesting to me how tattoos are so universally condemned in the jewish community by jews (regardless of their level of observance). the jew who eats bacon and drives on shabbos is as likely as the orthodox person to say tattoos are “against judasim,” or are breaking the rules. why is that? 3. i don’t care if you like this tattoo or not. everyone is entitled to their opinion. however, this woman is my friend. she’s smart and sexy and amazing. that stretchmark comment is unfair and adolescent. you wish you could be with a woman like her. and, don’t call my friend a fool. it’s not nice. find another way to express your opinions.

  5. There’s a guy who lives near my yeshiva who’s been in the nike commercials with the various dribbling tricks; he’s hispanic and has “moshiach” in hebrew tatooed on his left calve.

  6. maybe the next tat should read “jewtard”….seriously ladies and gents, let’s reinvest all that shiny jew tatoo cash into something really meaningful like a Hello Kitty fetish…

  7. about auschwitz, when we were forced to get tatoos, now we have the opportunity to do what we want with our bodies. we dont have to develop this argument of anti auschwitz behavior of things that went on to pervert the emotions from the halocaust. instead, we now have a freedom to do what we choose with our bodies, be it get a tattoo, work out, or pose for playboy. Its kindof the times, tattoos can be a way to express ones self the same way someone dresses a certain way, or wairs their hair. personally i dont believe that judgement from higher power comes from ink on a sleve, rather from choices you make that really affect people.

  8. I think it is amazing that a tattoo can cause so much anger in so many. Either that or some of the folks who posted are those morally superior, anti-social types with mild autism or Asperger’s syndrome who sit in front of a computer screen all day trying to pick fights.
    Think of it this way, the person with that rockin’ tattoo is making a public stance against assimilation and anti-semitism while at the same time violating religious law. Most Jews can always easily hide their Judaism by removing religious garments or items that symbolize Jewish affiliation. This person (as well as many others) has chosen to openly display her Judaism and show it off with pride.
    And for the record:
    1) The owner of the tattoo is smart, hardworking, and a cutie
    2) The tattoo looks better in person
    3) There is nothing wrong with a Hello Kitty fetish

  9. super awesome that people stick up for their jewish sister. but let’s maybe deflate a little before we start throwing mega agendas into a run-of-the-mill halachic transgression. this daughter of israel maybe a righteous babe on some accounts but claiming a “public stance against assimilation and anti-semitism” is totally goofy. being a proud yid is not about blowing smoke up anybody’s derriere, tatooed or not. anyhow, this jewess has some shabbat candles to light. wishing you all love and the sparkling fires of truth………*

  10. As a Jew with a tattoo…..I can safely say that I am not ashamed or worried about the implications. I had it done when I was much younger but I’m as proud today of it now as I was 10 years ago.

  11. I have noticed that many socal jew girls are getting tats. It might be a trend in the same vein as the word “nigga” being used by Black folks to promote solidarity by reinventing an old trapping of slavery (no pun intended) and using it as modern-day slang. I don’t know who came up with either one of these things, or how they both became so widespread, but I think there is a great deal of significance here, if we look at it in terms of cultural evolution. And by the way, there’s no reason to be mean. not to sound tooo preachy, but it doesn’t get anythign accomplished.

  12. As another jew with multiple tattoos (two of which feature the Magen David). I am very proud and I want everyone to know that I am proud. I’ve been to Israel and I stayed at the largest Yeshiva in Jerusalem. I’d say about half the guys there had tattoos.
    If it’s popular or not…Who cares?
    By the way…I don’t have the exact quote of Leviticus however shaving your face is against the Torah as well. So start growing that beard out and use an electric razor only. LOL. Pack your bags and go to Israel, Study the laws all day everyday and wait for the Messiah.
    Folks, Live your life and worry about others less.
    Keep it Jewish!
    [email protected]

  13. i really like it, i also have two tattoos that are hebrew words, and i feel empowered when i look at them. i feel that tattoos being against judiasm is similar to catholics not being allowed to have sex for pleasure. one of those things that you can make your own opinion on.
    as far as the stretchmark comments go, that chic looks like she has a pretty dope body as far as im concerned.

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