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Do you suppose this will help the agunot?

I promise. My last post today. Unless, of course, something really spectacular happens.
From JTA
The Israeli Supreme Court swore in its first female president.
Dorit Beinisch was sworn in Thursday at a Knesset ceremony attended by Justice Aharon Barak — the court’s outgoing president — Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Interim Justice Minster Meir Sheetrit and Dalia Itzik, the country’s acting president.

One thought on “Do you suppose this will help the agunot?

  1. Yeah but the shaila is at this point, where does SHE stand on many key issues? Also, in learning about this, I actually learned that Barak actually did help religious citizens at least a couple times, e.g., as the JPost noted, upholding redirections of Shabbat traffic in charedi neighborhoods.

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