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Don't go, Joe!

By now, we are all pretty familiar with Pastor John Hagee and his quote-on-quote “pro-Israel” outfit Christians United for Israel (CUFI). Hagee had been a big endorser of Republican presidential candidate John McCain until audiotape surfaced last week of Hagee preaching that God sent Hitler to cause the Holocaust so that Jews would move to Israel, in fulfillment of Hagee’s conception of biblical prophecy. Under much pressure, McCain finally rejected the endorsement.
But Sen. Joe Lieberman (CT-I), perhaps the most prominent Jewish politician in the country, is still planning to give the keynote presentation at CUFI’s Israel Summit in July! J Street is out with a video campaign calling on Joe to join his friend John McCain in rejecting Hagee and to withdraw his speaking commitment for Hagee’s summit. Check out the video below and sign the petition here.

Also, let it not be said that Hagee is worthy of rejection only because of his comments about Hitler. These are just the latest of a series of atrocious comments and positions that make him worthy of rebuke by every major politician and Jewish leader. He has called the Catholic Church a “great whore” and said Hurricane Katrina was the judgment of God against New Orleans for planning a gay pride parade. And his so-called “pro-Israel” positions include opposing territorial concessions for peace and a two-state solution, support for military action against Iran, and raising money to build illegal Jewish settlements in the Palestinian territories.
It’s time that the Jewish community be done with John Hagee.

6 thoughts on “Don't go, Joe!

  1. Sen. Joe Lieberman (CT-I), perhaps the most prominent Jewish politician in the country,
    And what about:
    Carl Levin
    Arlen Specter
    Frank Lautenberg
    Herb Kohl
    Diane Feinstein
    Barbara Boxer
    Russ Feingold
    Ron Wuden
    Charles Schumer
    Norm Coleman
    Ben Cardin
    and Bernie Sanders,
    not to mention 29 members of the House of Representatives, and 2 governors, what are they, chopped live?
    But I do agree with your point about supporting Hagee.

  2. I’m no fan of Hagee theologically or politically, but I’ve heard Orthodox rabbis say similar things about the Shoah.
    What I do find appalling is when someone (of any political bent) claims to know “God’s will” with such certainty.

  3. conservative apikoris:
    to explain myself briefly, yes there are many famous Jewish politicians, and Im sure one could make a case for any of them to be “the most prominent”. I only used that term because good ole Joe is the only Heeb to be a serious Vice Presidential contender, and arguably the one who has come the closet to the White House.

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