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Dorot Launches Social Change in Israel Awards

It’s no secret that I love the Dorot Foundation. Not only did they take a chance on me with my acceptance to their Fellowship program in 2004, but they are so far the only foundation that believes enough in Jew It Yourself to have invested funds in the project, making possible the launch of our first product, ShulShopper, in the coming weeks. Dorot has been so wonderful to me, I seriously can’t stop raving about them to every young person I meet.
In yet another testament to their innovative prowess and all-out forward thinkingness, Dorot has launched a brand new initiative, which I am proud to share with you today: The Social Change in Israel Awards.
This program provides a unique opportunity for US undergrads (current college students) to spend a summer in Israel working on the most exciting progressive social action project they can come up with, in collaboration with the mentor of their choice.
The program’s overall goals are:

  • To promote Progressive Social Change in Israel
  • To foster strong connections to Israel by supporting in-depth work, study and/or exploration with a mentor in an area about which the applicant is passionate
  • To enable important work in Israel that might not otherwise be done
  • To build rich relationships between U.S. undergraduates, Israel-based mentors and U.S.-based faculty

Dorot will provide $5,000 for travel, living, and project expenses.
“We’re looking for bold pragmatists,” says foundation director Michael Hill. “People who can think big while also envisioning and implementing the nitty-gritty that gets it done. Young people who can envision Xanadu [a mythical utopia] and also explain how its sewer system works! Creative, resourceful, hard working go-getters.”
If that’s you or someone you know, the application deadline is February 15, so jump on it!
Kol ha’kavod to Dorot for leading the pack with this bold new initiative, and good luck to all the applicants.
(Please note that this program focuses specifically on social action projects in Israel and not in the Palestinian Territories. Which is a-okay by me, cuz there’s more than enough things needing work in Israel to go around.)

2 thoughts on “Dorot Launches Social Change in Israel Awards

  1. I just hope they mean Israel when they say Israel. wouldn’t like to see good money going to help needy settlers.

  2. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that they’re promoting Leftist social change? It seems almost like they’re trying to advance their agenda without just saying what it is…

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