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Drag Torah with Rav Claudia and Alma!

Don’t be fooled by how adorable Alma is–there’s a lot of very interesting Torah to be learned in this week’s video!
Watch and find out the answers to the following questions:

  • What can people who are afraid to come out learn from this week’s parsha?
  • What theme¬†comes up regarding fear, deception, and relationships in Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob’s decisions?
  • How does the princess in “Brave” connect to this week’s parsha?

All this and more from the amazing Rav Claudia of Temple Beth Zion in Brookline, Massachusetts! Thank you so much, Rav Claudia!

One thought on “Drag Torah with Rav Claudia and Alma!

  1. I LOVE Drag Torah!!!! This is all so interesting! And I haven’t even been going to shul. However, I think it only deserves a 4 on the sexist scale…unless, Alma is correct, and we can assume a bedrock of 5 points on the sexism scale, because it just never gets any less than that. (That is, the scale is skewed…) I also love Rav Claudia’s observation that the problem is that the men who wrote this had no idea what it feels like to be pregnant. It always feels like a war going on! And men always assume they know everything, but they operate out of fear and blindness. Also, Thank You Ebn for reminding us about the optimism in this story: many times our fears are unfounded, and we hurt ourselves when we always expect the worst reaction from other people. We need to be more trusting…that’s hard.

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