Driving While Pagan

WorldNetDaily reports,

A traffic stop in Greer, S.C., this month is turning into a holy war of sorts, as a practicing Druid couple claim they were targeted by a Christian police officer who tried to convert them away from their pagan belief.
Debra and Tony Gainey say they were pulled over because they had a bumper sticker reading “It’s A Druid Thing.”
[…] Debra Gainey, a minister at the local Emerald Sanctuary Druidic Church, believes it was the druid sticker that prompted the traffic stop, as evinced by the conversation with officer Tony Stewart.
“[Stewart said], ‘Did those bumper stickers come on the car or did you put them on?’ and I said I put them on,” Debra said.
She says the officer asked if she knew what they meant.
“So he started talking to me about God and Jesus Christ. … I just felt like he was really getting into it, I had never expected to actually follow-up with a letter or anything.”
According to Mrs. Gainey, the officer sent a card and letter to her home address days later.
“In this letter, he promises our problems will continue unless we listen to the words of the Baptists,” she told the station. “We’re feeling like those are threats.”

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2 thoughts on “Driving While Pagan

  1. Michael Moore had an episode of his older series in which he did a story on this fraternal association of crossworshipping cops who wear these little brass gladii and swear “to try to help” the “people they run into” to “know the Lord” so to speak. There was never a follow-up or a larger mainstream story on them that we’re aware of; they might not even still exist. But crossworshippers are always founding aggressive proselytizing organizations, and often under professional auspices.

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