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  1. In terms of softballs, I guess it could have been worse. He could have been on Larry King.
    But, in general, I think it’s probably a good thing to let some sunlight shine on vampires like Duke. It’s good to shake up the naive masses (even at the risk of also rousing the minority of real hardcore).

  2. That should have read “hardcore racists” (although, I’d probably watch CNN more if it featured plain “hardcore”)

  3. I never really gave a damn about white supremacists. A bunch of crazies live in Montana, hate Jews and burn crosses. Mazel Tov.
    This un-holy alliance between Duke and Islamo-facists scares the hell out of me.
    All we need is thousands, if not tens of thousands of White American Supremists to join forces with Muslim Terrorists. No amount of NSA wire tapping, Patriot Act or Nukes can protect us from such a large internal enemy – if this alliance flourishes.
    Props to much hated GWB for keeping us safe since 9/11.

  4. I like how Duke quoted those “professors” who put out the anti-Israel lobby. They must be very proud of their work.
    Duke is really smooth. If you know nothing, he makes Blitzer look completely defensive.
    The woman he tosses back to at the end says, “Wolf, all I have to say is, you rock.” But I think it was a mistake to give Duke a platform. Wolf used it as “proof” that the media isn’t Jewish-controled, otherwise why else would they invite him on? But he had an answer for everything.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if us 15 million Jews in the world really DID control everything? Damn. I’d probably have my own sit-com by now and live in a huge apartment.

  5. Was John Brown at the Holocaust conference.
    Where was Chomsky? (he must have had a prior engagement with Hezbollah’s Nasrallah)

  6. Wow, if this were not on Jewschool, I may respond differently.
    Duke seems to pull the Iraq war into his Zionist conspiracy, so long as we have no answers for going to war in Iraq, this proposition must stand. I am still confused as to the US reasons for this war. An alliance between the Bushes and AIPAC was never more apparent than when W got a standing on chair ovation at the AIPAC conference in 2003.
    We must give this line of Zionism some credit. FOr 120+ years Zionism has been a force on Earth, always suppressing its critics. The long awaited reprisal is at hand, best to let it out slowly and honestly.

  7. It’s always difficult to watch someone who clearly has nefarious motives speak some truth. Is there a conspiracy? No. Is there a powerful pro-Israel lobby that prevents progress on solving th Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Without a doubt. I’m trying to decide whether speaking the truth about this subject gives Duke credibility, or takes credibility away from people who really care about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I think it’s more the latter.

  8. I think you have to give Duke a platform and then repudiate it.
    Of course, such repudiation is layered. The Bush/Blair world-wide denunciation is so transparently simplistic that it makes me wonder about how change will ever happen.
    Duke/Ahmadinejad are the oppositional forces to Bush/Blair’s unilateralism. They reinforce one another. So in a sense, it’s irrelevant that Duke gets his platform. As long as a rigid unilateralism holds sway, Duke will be empowered. The more the oppositions reinforce one another, the more the logic that powers such oppositions will dominate. (And thus little things – like losing habeas corpus, just our most imp. protection since the middle ages against unlawful imprisonment, which was ended and broken by Congress last year – will continue in plain site, weakening our freedoms while we debate trivialities.
    Of greater interest is the election occuring in Iran next week – http://www.nytimes.com/2006/12/13/world/middleeast/14iran.html.
    That will tell us more than any stupid sound bite – what people actually do on the ground….

  9. In our efforts to deprive David Duke of ammunition, let’s do the following:
    Stop letting AIPAC promote war Iran, and try and lower the number of Jewish neo-con chicken hawks going in and out of the administration.
    Stop doing everything we can to target and suppress a real debate over the meaning of US support for an Israel that denies the Palestinians independence.
    Stop targeting any rabbi and community leader who ‘steps off the reservation’ for special attention.
    That’d be a start.

  10. I noticed that Duke referred to the “Jewish Times” of LA. I googled it, and the only thing I could find was a website that had last been updated in 1998 or so. Does this paper even still exist?

  11. Bycenator, study a bit of history because what you wrote borders on Duke-ism. “Duke seems to pull the Iraq war into his Zionist conspiracy, so long as we have no answers for going to war in Iraq, this proposition must stand.” HUH?! Have you ever heard of a black sticky substance called OIL?! Do you think the Middle East would be considered a “strategic asset” if not for containing the bulk of the world’s oil? You’re welcome to craft your whole world-view around the Jews pulling the strings, if you choose to stay so ignorant. Bush was an oil man before becoming a politician. Chenney was a Halerburton man before giving Halerburton an unchallenged contract to rebuild Iraq. Do you really think they needed a Zionist lobby to recommend they attack Iraq? Oh, and by the way, this is the same Saddam Hussein that tried to assassinate his daddy. There are SO MANY reasons we attacked Iraq, the problem is they were all the WRONG reasons. Israel was low on that list of reasons, and likewise if someone had asked Israel which country they would like the US to attack, Iraq was not at the top of that list, perhaps not even near the top. Do a little reading, you’ll soon understand that the 60-year embroilment of the United States in the Middle East has a LOT more to do with the Amco’s and Exxon’s of the world than with the Cohens, Goldbergs, or Schwartzes.
    Oh, and PS – none of the oil companies are owned by Jews.

  12. Put yourself in Wolf Blitzer’s shoes — what could he possibly have asked Duke to put him off his game? It probably takes a Jon Stewart or Ali G, who would understand the absurdity of the situation and the folly of rational discourse. I think Wolf would have had the same problem if he were interviewing a UFO abductee or an Elvis sighter. How do you argue with a fantasist? So you put him up there and hope the audience understands how wacky he sounds. But is it a safe bet? I think the solution, unfortunately, is not give a platform at all, just as I doubt Blitzer would engage in a serious discussion with the UFO abductee or the Elvis guy.

  13. Duke is a tool. It is clear to see that he has not had ANY sunlight let alone spot light for decades.
    His ideas are old and not so good.
    Besides Wolf being kind of nebishy, I feel he did a good job keeping his cool. This falls under that category of there is no way to win. If he yells back at Duke, then Wolf is an agent of the Zionist, if he keeps his cool, he doesn’t defend his people.
    I for one believe Wolf would have taken Duke in a fight of super powers, because everyone knows AIPAC Lobbyist have secret death rays in their eyes.

  14. I think Wolf should have called out Duke on this line of hypocrisy:
    He complained about Wolf trying to discredit him by bringing up his KKK past, yet at the same time, he was trying to discredit Wolf by bringing up his AIPAC past. How come Duke’s KKK past was just something that happened thirty year’s ago, but if you’re ever a publications editor for AIPAC you can never be trusted again?

  15. Bycenator – dude GTFOHWTBS. Read a book. You’ll see Israel has LOOOONG identified IRAN as their main threat in the region. Iraq was hostile, but largely contained. Did you get that Bycenator? I know Iraq and Iran have similar letters, which may confuse you, but they are DIFFERENT COUNTRIES.
    When the US decided to attack Iraq, were the Israelis pleased? Uhh, yeah, most of them prolly were. It woudl be like if Canada decided to attack North Korea. Would we object? No, it would be the convenient removal of a dangerous enemy. But to claim that Israel was gunning for war with Iraq, or worse, convinced the US to attack, is BS.
    All I can say is, I hope the various white supremacists and neo-Nazis attending the conference enjoyed their weekend among a nation they consider to be mud people. It probably took no small degree of restraint to refrain from telling towel head and camel jockey jokes the whole time.

  16. Yeah, old Duke won that one. Strange sh&%&t! Makes me glad I don’t live in the states these days.I have a feeling that a lot more people that we might think agree with David Duke.
    Wolf was too passive in their encounter, for a real battle royal we need to see Duke vs. one of Shacha Baron Cohen’s characters.

  17. I never liked Duke nor Blitzer. Duke is a white supremacist who just couldn’t isolate Jews from Israel. Blitzer is an incompetent newscaster who can’t shove his bias aside.

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