Dvarim in Chicago

Okay. So this is not how I wanted to make my Jewschool post debut, with a shameless plug. But really, it’s a plug for giving important generational voices a forum they’ve been denied elsewhere. Like the J Street Conference. So I’ll keyword it up and if this interests you, read more below the jump: Kevin Coval. Yuri Lane. Menachem Cohen. Dina Elenbogen, Maya Escobar. Dvarim. Jewish Poetry. Bebelplatz. Disinvited. Anti-wall. KFAR. Chicago.


KFAR Jewish Arts Center & Zeek: Journal of Jewish Culture and Thought present…
DVARIM (WORDS), featuring readings and performances by:
Kevin Coval, Yuri Lane, Menachem Cohen, Dina Elenbogen and Maya Escobar.
Dvarim is an exploration of written, spoken and performed words by artists examining the contemporary Jewish experience.
Words carry significant meaning in Jewish life. The universe was created by utterances, as were the laws received at Sinai. For millennia, Jews have read, debated, written and treasured words. We are, in short, people of books. In partnership with Zeek: The journal of Jewish Culture and Thought, KFAR Jewish Arts Center is please to present Dvarim (Hebrew for “words”) – a series of readings and talks on contemporary Jewish literature, poetry, prose and fiction.
Join us for this first in a series of evenings of spoken, written and performed words. Advance tickets available via ticketweb.
Buy tickets now and get a free copy of the Winter Zeek. Zeek usually sells for $8.50 an issue, so this is a real deal!
Presented by KFAR Jewish Arts Center and Zeek with support from JCUA and Miztut.

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