Easter Classics

Pardon me while, in the true spirit of classical Jewish iconoclasm, I defile a Christian holiday favorite, the Easter Bunny, with these classic images from the Mobius archives. The first two images depict my friend Yair (himself, a devout Pentacostal), who played the Easter Bunny at the Riverside Sq. Mall in Hackensack, NJ one year. The photographer apparently caught him in a couple of unguarded moments, and I was all too pleased to be granted the original photographs. Forgive the image contrast on the first photograph, but I had to notch it up a bit to distinguish the placement of his hands from the intense whiteness of the costume’s fur. Incidentally, my friend John has in his possession an exceptionally awful video of Yair drinking 40s, smoking blunts, and having “mock” sex with my friend Jenn, all while wearing his lovely bunny costume, which he commandeered from work one evening, at his friends’ behest. I’m telling ya—there’s nothing quite like intoxicated Easter Bunny porn. One day I hope to find myself in a room with that tape and a video capture board at the same time. I offer, in its stead, the third and final image, which I came across while surfing the web a number of years ago—but which I never tire of. Enjoy!

Aww, poor bunny… I know, I know, it’s all awfully tasteless. But it’s not nearly as bad as the recent Easter Bunny flogging that transpired in Pittsburgh.

In related news, Nextbook directs us to this rather informative article in Slate about the origins of Easter favorite Marshmallow Peeps which appear to be the creation of a possibly Jewish Russian immigrant named Sam Born. The article also discusses the pagan origins of the Easter bunny itself.

2 thoughts on “Easter Classics

  1. That’s fucking sick. You’re a sick bastard, you know that. You’ve got my blood pressure up right now I’m so angry at this. Make fun of Christianity all you want, but that last picture is inhuman. “Awfully tasteless” doesn’t begin to cover it. My hands can’t stop shaking. This is unbelievable. Fuck you, mister.

  2. Thanks for your post I really hate the Easter Bunny, the jerk shows up every year to ruin my favorite holiday. I’m so glad everyone takes this time of the year to worship a rodent that craps blue eggs instead of God. Let me know if that rabbit gets up and hops away in three days then I’d have to give those jelly-bean munching tards some credit

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