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  1. hiya thanks for the post mobius, its a big subject (jews and satan that is) and we had to start somewhere but HP Gilmore is open to follow up questions so if people are interested we’ve got a fresh batch of them going over next week. if you want to add to them, just email the question(s) over and we’ll add them in
    thanks again!

  2. Hello, i am genuinely confused?! are jews satanists?!
    Surely not, why the association then??? Its hard enough
    for my friends to accept that I am Jewish without devil
    worship being thrown in as well *despondant* Why can’t I belong to a normal religion, like Christianity, they try really hard not to stand out. Now I have to assure people that I don’t drink goats blood and sacrifice virgins to Beelzebub. There is enough bad press for Jews as it is, what with Israel and Palestine and everything – why make it worse?
    Its’s just so embaressing!!!

  3. Jews can’t be Satanists. We invented him.
    On the other hand, it’s impossible to be a Satanist without being a Christian, since the theology is dependent upon that kind of duality.

  4. Zionista,
    -5 points for CLEARLY not reading the article. I don’t think Mas did either, but, meh.
    Jews are not, of course, devil worshipers. That is an old lie, one of many, that people tell about us. As for belonging to a “normal” religion, what makes you think Christianity is any more normal than Judaism? Do you Christian friends really have a problem with your faith?

  5. This has nothing to do with the post, but I don’t think I’m allowed to post blog entries so I wanted to note that I found this on the Kabbalah Center’s website.
    Does this mean they are *gasp* frowning upon tattoos their celebrity patrons get while still refraining from giving a solid stance so as not to accept responsibility? Just curious what people think…
    the quote (in case the link doesn’t work):
    Question: “How does Kabbalah feel about tattoos?”
    Answer: “According to Kabbalah, if we were meant to be decorated with colorful patterns, we would be born that way, especially since altering our physical body also alters our spiritual vessel – our soul. Even an ear pierce makes a small change. But we are all given the free will in this life to make our own decisions, and as such, we are each given reign over our physical bodies to decide what happens with them. “

  6. Yes, based on their comments and actions, I think they do. I chose my friends, its my problem. Looking back my post sounds dumb anyway, so forget it.

  7. jews don’t worship the devil .. however we do oppose christianity theologically thus making us essentially anti-christ, which gives us and satanists a lot to talk about. satanism, i believe, developed more as a philosophical reaction to the catholic church and its dogmatic doctrine than any sort of devil worship. thus, having read much of the work of anton lavey (the chief satanic thinker), i don’t think, frankly, that satanism as an ideology is inherently evil–it’s more political than it is theological–but in its philosophical approach to things such as hermeneutics, it’s quite kabbalistic and draws a great deal on aleister crowley’s occult interpretations of traditional jewish kabbalah.
    on the other hand, dipshit kids who think “satan is rad” and like to sacrifice chickens besmirch the good name of satanism and thus reduce it to the misconceived idiocy we find displayed here.

  8. Satan as Slugworth
    I think Mordechai Housman’s explanation, a la Karlin-Stolin Chasid, is my favorite description of what Judaism thinks about Satan:
    Basically, Satan is/was never a threat to G-d’s “hegemony,” as the Church claims in the article. G-d made Satan, and evil is as much as part of G-d’s plan as is good.
    It is all rather deep in Kabbalah, about tzimtzum (the “contraction” of G-d’s light). G-d’s hiding from this world allows for there to be free will (and evil). If G-d were everywhere and obviously visible (such as will happen in the times of Moshiach), evil would vanish.
    In the meantime, there’s plenty for the Church to worship, if they so choose ….

  9. mobius
    Thank you for your response, it has been established that my post was badly conceived. To clarify my point, if you associate Judaism with satanism the association will stick in people’s minds. I do not have a lot of patience with satanists although I do realise that it is quite “cool” to be a witch at present. Regarding satanism and the Catholic church, any religion that has been derived from the intolerance of another religion does not get my support. Children, “dip shit kids” is a horrific phrase by the way, are always going to be attracted by “magic” and the “occult” why make it look “cool”? I accept that Satanism “may” be quite Kabbalist *sigh* but feel that its motivation is less sincere. Why are there not more posts about science and religion. Aaron Klug is a nice guy, you could discuss him. http://www.almaz.com/nobel/chemistry/1982a.html
    I apologise in advance for any further idiocy.

  10. You’re alright Mas.
    I think you may want to read up on Judaism a bit, in order to flesh out your understanding. You are a small part of a really great thing. Ch-ch-check it out.

  11. Canuck_Jew
    Do you think you could post a few good links to start me off? Not sure about this ch-ch check it out stuff, is that street language? Anyway thanks for your patience.

  12. Hi, could someone please tell me what things represent Jews?????
    Im confused, and I really need to know!!!

  13. This may sound a bit offensive but I think Jews are Satanists. Firstly, i do not know about the bible but one friend of mine said that they killed Jesus (apparently). He also said that http://www.whatever.com would be 666.whatever.com to jews. I noticed that the satanic symbol and the jewish star are alike. So in my opinion, jews are infact satanic.

  14. I never took much notice of religion at school and pretty much was abit of a rogue till recent years,getting in trouble with police,doing lots of drugs and drink and all the usual things you get upto in youth and the early twenties. I’ve had lots of psychic experiences since childhood and am sensitive to spirits. I’ve seen, heard spirit over the years and sense when spirit(s) are around, say in houses etc.
    In the last year I’ve started going spiritual church and am trying to develope psychically. I’ve also started reading more into religions and spirituality (my famliy are born again christians) and am intrigued by all the different beliefs of who is right and wrong. I believe catholics put man before god, ie the pope and fathers for confessions (who is a man to forgive your sins?), so feel its a false religion (also the nazis stashed loot at the vatican during the war, so this hardly seems something that would warm god to the cause of this belief)
    Muslims treat women as second class and give them less rights, so I’m sure that god wouldn’t want this.
    I’m also aware that christians think that any belief other than christianity is tantamount to devil worship. Is this really right though? I work with and know christians that still sin and if they have jesus with them always, why doesn’t he cause their consciences to stop them sinning?
    We as humans also tend to be conditioned into our beliefs by our parents, schools, surroundings etc. Would god really have any religion created?
    God created man and man created religion. Many religions are hugely wealthy whilst many of the converts to these religions suffer in abject poverty.
    Although I go spiritualist churches, I’m not a spiritualist and I also believe in reincarnation and theirs lots of evidence to support the claim of reincarnation. I go the spiritual church primarily because they accept and develope the use of psychic awareness and the use of communication with spirits that have moved on from this life. We are merely energy in a body for the time here, surely we will go back to where we came from. People say its demons pretending to be loved ones in communiations but could demons really know every little detail that can come through a medium to realtive of the deceased? I think its the soul of the person that communicates in this way but this is regarded as the work of the devil…
    Then again the devil is always depicted as hating Jesus and god,never anything else (or as strongly at least), do this give credit to christianity?
    I honestly dont think the human mind is capable of understanding the complexity of life and only think we’ll know when we move on from this life.
    Its all very confusing about who’s right and who’s wrong and who’s going were. If the devil is so cunning, who’s to say he didnt communicate the writings of the bible, koran or kabbalah etc,etc? Could it be that man should just relate to god only and forget all the religious teachings on offer?
    If your intentions are good and you do your best to help fellow man, will god really punish anyone whatever their beliefs? At the end of the day if their is a god, he could of saved us all this trouble in truth. And if he created us, who created him??? Its all really endless and maybe we should just concentrate on putting beliefs aside and helping our fellow human beings because humanity is something we all have in common…..although we are by nature curious beings that feel a desire to learn, know and understand. I know this sounds very contradictive but reflecting on life, its is itself so very contradictive. If the Jews are gods people then how can they be devil worshippers? If they are is people then surely he is guiding them you’d think. God has the power to do anything, so why would he let his children suffer? Also if we say god made us to worship him all the time we are here to live are we guilty of accusing god of being some sort of megalomaniac or that god is an insecure being that needs constantly reassuring that he/she is loved?
    This is long I know but I hope its makes sense and I’d love to hear peoples views on whats said as I am just as confused as anybody else in this existence

  15. I just found some info here that indicates why people may suggest that jewish beliefs are in line with satan. Its not because of real jewish beliefs but because of those that pretend they are proper jews, its a similar case for christianity and those that claim to be christians. I’m no expert here and I know there’s lots of crazy views on the internet but the info seems well put together and possibly well backed up.Its worth a view anyway as the author certainly seems to have done plenty of research and again I’d love to here any views on this. I’m merely searching for the right belief or religion so any views could me gain a better understanding. Here’s the link:

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