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Elat Chayyim Spring/Summer Retreats and Training Institutes

Elat Chayyim at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center has just opened online registration for all of our Spring and Summer Retreats and Training Institutes.
Other than the weekend and week-long retreats featuring Jewish meditation, yoga, kabbalah, prayer, organic farming, wilderness trips, and family programs, we also have four two-year training programs beginning this year:

There are new internship opportunities, and the ADAMAH: Jewish Environmental Fellowship is accepting applications. There are even a few job opportunities if you want to come and work with us at Freedman; feel free to contact us.

March 4-11

Awakening to the Divine Presence: A Seven-Day Meditation Retreat in Colorado

Rabbis Joanna Katz, Moshe Aharon (Miles) Krassen, Jeff Roth and Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
April 13-15

Aligning the Desires of Your Heart: A Workshop for Couples

Raziel (Rosalie) and Rabbi Efraim Eisen

Walking to Sinai: Spiritual Practices to Get Us Up the Mountain

Rabbi Natan Margalit, Minna Bromberg, and Akiva Wharton
May 18-20

Nehirim: GLBT Spiritual Retreat

Jay Michaelson, Rabbi Steve Greenberg, Rabbi Jill Hammer, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, and more
May 20-25

Shavuot 5767/2007

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and Eve Ilsen with Rabbi David Ingber
May 28-June 1

The Heart’s Wisdom: A Training In Sage-ing

Rabbi Shaya Isenberg, Lynne Iser and Bahira Sugarman, featuring Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi via teleconference.



You can now register entirely online!


Register now.

June 4-10

Dis-ease, Healing & Wholeness: Falling and Rising Higher

Rabbi David Zeller (Morning class)

The "I" of "I AM": Radical Unity with the Divine in the Jewish Experience

Rabbi David Ingber (Morning class)

Seeking Presence Through Movement and Prayer

Julie Leavitt (Morning class)

Facing The Living God: Developing an Authentic Relationship to Spirit

Rabbi Tirzah Firestone and K’vod Wieder (Afternoon class)

Holy Closeness: Songs from the Well of Jewish Sacred World Music

Cantor Richard Kaplan (Afternoon class)

Taste and See that God is Good: A Jewish Cleanse Workshop

Ilana Fleisher-Margalit and Rabbi Natan Margalit (Afternoon

Discover the Aleph-Bet: An Intro to the Hebrew Language

Deena Aranoff (Afternoon class)
June 10-17

Meditation, Movement, and Creativity: Traditional and Innovative Practices In Silence

Rabbi David and Hannah Sara Zeller
June 17-24

Awakening through Jewish Meditation: Open Retreat

Rabbis Alan Lew and Jeff Roth
August 6-12

Uniting Spirituality and Social Change: Learning From Heschel On Prayer, Pyramids, & Politics

Rabbi Arthur Waskow with Professor Susannah Heschel

Liberty In the Land for All Her Inhabitants: Justice, Ecology, Sustainability and Human Rights

Rabbi David Seidenberg
August 13-19

Torah Trek: A Jewish Wilderness Experience

Rabbi Mike Comins (All-day class)

The Spirit of Prophecy

David Friedman (Morning class)

Everything is God, So What? The Texts & Practices of Nondual Judaism

Jay Michaelson (Morning Class)

Listening for the “Torah Within”: An Intro to Spiritual Direction

Rabbi Howard Avruhm Addison and Dr. Barbara Eve Breitman (Morning class)

A Taste of ADAMAH

Rabbi Jill Hammer, Shamu Sadeh, Adam Berman (Morning class)

Exploring the Zohar

Daniel and Hana Matt (Afternoon class)

The Future of Judaism and the Evolution Of Consciousness

Rabbi Moshe Aharon (Miles) Krassen (Afternoon class)

The Kabbalah of Peacemaking

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb (Afternoon class)
August 20-26

Parenting as Spiritual Practice

Rabbis Nadya and Victor Gross

Voice of the Heart

Cantor Robert Esformes

Art as a Mirror to the Soul

Nancy Katz

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