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Eli Valley's haggadah supplement

In the Forward today, Eli Valley gives you the only haggadah supplement you’ll need — one about freedom, peoplehood and the next generation. What with all the charity-motivated supplements filling up our inboxes, here’s one without a donation card attached! (Click to view full-size.)
The Four Sons by Eli Valley

4 thoughts on “Eli Valley's haggadah supplement

  1. Is the point of the fourth son that he continues to claim mindlessly that “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East” even after Egypt has become a democracy? If so, Egypt still isn’t a democracy! It may have a better chance of becoming one now than it did a few months ago, but it’s not there yet. (Whether Israel is in fact a democracy is a separate question.)

  2. BZ — No, the point of the Fourth Son is that those who don’t know how to ask will repeat their scripted talking points regardless of what’s happening in Israel or in the region. This includes the recent push for democracy in Egypt and elsewhere, with the understanding that everything is still in flux. Despite the flux and the yearning — or because of it — that Son grips his script tight.

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