7 thoughts on “Encounter Point Premiers Weds. @ Tribecca Film Fest

  1. If you went for a falafel with your kids and somebody sent out by murderers blew up a a bomb killing or maiming your kids and murdering your wife, would you struggle for peace or would you seek revenge?
    Based on the number of Israeli suicide bombers and general consensus on a two state solution, I guess the answer is a different one than what we get in Encounter Point.

  2. stop calling yourself the middle, righty. you probaby didn’t even watch the trailer before you had a dismissive quip. i would bet anything that humanizes palestinians would be followed by a dismissive quip on your part. and that’s why you’re not the middle. you’re a zionist turd.

  3. Actually, since you violated your own bullshit Shmirat Ha’Lashon ideal that I have to read every time I post, I’ll give you a little more to chew on.
    I get emails from Leftist groups, including pro-Palestinian activist groups. I’m not sure how I got on their lists, but I attribute it to a well meaning older Jewish woman. In any case, I recently received an email that enclosed a speech by an Israeli mother who lost her child to a suicide bombing. It went on to blame Israel and its supporters for the act that killed her child!
    Now, I would never ever wish to be in her shoes or feel her grief. However, I completely disagree with her and I disagree with her premise as to how we can resolve this war between the Palestinians and Israelis. What is worse, by being a victim herself, her words carry great weight, especially since she is an activist. On the other end, are all the silent, grieving parents and families who have lost children and are not activists, so their message that this wasn’t Israel’s fault doesn’t get spammed around the Internet in the same way.
    Every time I see pro-Palestinian Jewish activists, Mobius, I see this internalization of the Palestinian narrative. You do it too, with your “apartheid state” and “war crimes” apologia.
    The Palestinians couldn’t muster any votes in this past election for candidates running on a peace or peaceful resistance platform. They don’t have any interest in doing this. Meanwhile, the bombs and attempted bombings keep on coming and a Hamas government – with all that implies – is elected. So what will this movie do? Based on the trailer that I did watch, although I was reacting to the poster, I see that it will accuse the Israelia and Israel for the situation and the Palestinian suffering. Then it will show that contrary to people’s perception of how things should play out, that there are Israelis, including victims of Palestinian violence, who support the Palestinians and attempt to evoke non-violent struggle. It will show that there are a few Palestinians who agree, although it may show that their idea of justice is not exactly one Israel would ever accept. Permeating the entire movie will be Israel’s supposedly egregious behavior.
    Enough already! How much bullshit is it possible to swallow?! There could be a Palestinian state RIGHT NOW already. That is not what their leadership or general populace wants, and until they do, these little progressive, well-meaning, naive dupes are just helping Palestinian propaganda efforts. And they are doing exactly what I wrote above. The Israelis do not seek revenge and don’t use these suicide bombings as an excuse to go and kill Palestinian civilians in turn. Nope, some of them even go to peace meetings and marches. On the other hand, tell me what Palestinians do to justify their ongoing murders?
    You don’t have to be on the Right or a “Zionist turd” to oppose the lies. You can also be on the Left and realize that ultimately all this propaganda only serves to prolong the conflict and weaken Israel.

  4. I went to school with Ronit. She’s an excellent documentarian; she was already making documentary films about the conflict before she graduated college. Though I have an idea of what her political viewpoints might be, I still highly recommend seeing whatever she puts out before drawing judgments about it.

  5. Who said you shouldn’t watch her films? Watch and enjoy. Her bio is up on the website for the film and I would guess that her political leanings are not difficult to glean from the bio.

  6. “The Palestinians couldn’t muster any votes in this past election for candidates running on a peace or peaceful resistance platform.”
    so what did Israelis vote for? piece?
    Mobius, maybe I disagree with you about TM’s location. I think he’s squarely in “the Middle.” I hope i’m wrong, but reading this blog, and seeing various self-described lefties approve of or justify land theft, I wonder.

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