Encouraging “Open Orthodox” communities

From this week’s KOE (a Modern Orthodox minyan on the UWS) listerv:

Announcing Moving On Out: a new discussion group to encourage growth of “Open Orthodox” Jewish communities around the North America. We are hoping that this group will encourage discussion & ideas or how to find or form such communities or encourage existing communities to move in such a direction.

To subscribe, visit their Yahoo groups site or send an email.
So far, there are only 20 members and 7 posts, including:

The truth is that my wife & I want to move out of the NY area and have found it hard to find communities that are in line with our ideals and so I’m starting this mainly to get some ideas and see if any others have similar goals.

I find this amusing since as a liberal Jew, though not Orthodox, I am curious to find communities where I will fit in outside of NYC, since I feel so estranged from mainstream congregational movement oriented Judaism.

For a listing of unaffiliated congregations, check out the National Havurah Directory.

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