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Enlighten My Eyes

There’s been something of a debate backstage at Jewschool this week as to whether or not it’s appropriate to post things we find on the web without comment.¬† This, however, defies comment:

I will note that this sort of thing might be the answer to the alleged “boy problem” we’re hearing about in shuls these days. I should add that BZ strongly encourages everyone to enjoy the rap break that happens around the three minute mark.

22 thoughts on “Enlighten My Eyes

  1. I know the HD version of the video sticks out from the column and makes the blog ugly, but really, this deserves to be viewed in high def.

  2. I love the YouTube commenter who decries the lack of modesty, etc., but clearly has been back to this video (and other videos by the same band) multiple times on different days to post comments.

  3. Gil Student has this to say:
    “For a particularly egregious example, try searching YouTube for the group ??? ??? (note that you should pause these videos immediately because listening to them is kol ishah according to almost all views, but you can read the post and the comments to the videos).”
    (And yes, this is what his blog is like most of the time. I know.)

  4. Damn – they sure didn’t teach us this at HUC. Bet the job market would look a WHOLE lot different if they had. I’d try it this coming Shabbat, but I’d need to make sure the defibrillator was working.

  5. Now, if THAT doesn’t make you want to gather your fringes, I just don’t know what does. Thanks for making me giggle, dlevy!

  6. I wonder how much of a weekday shacharit we could piece together from interesting youtube videos. (Interesting is the key point there. I’m sure all of shacharit is on youtube.)
    Why yes, I am formulating an educational experience for my students. Why do you ask?
    Anyway, if anyone has other fantastic youtube videos based (however loosely) on liturgy from weekday shacharit, I encourage you to post links here in the comments.

  7. My wife and I have been debating whether this is a joke or not. Is this Israeli Weird Al or the equivalent of “Christian Rock” in the states?

  8. How did it take me so many viewings to notice that the deejay is wearing a shtreimel and beketshe? Look at those long payos bounce as he dances (3:20-3:30)!

  9. I assume that what has everyone so worked up is the unusual nusach ha-tefilah: they sing “SHE-lo neivosh”, whereas I’ve always seen “VE-lo neivosh” (or, glancing at a Nusach Sefarad siddur, “lema’an lo neivosh”). Does anyone know the source of this variant?

  10. BZ – there’s no “she” in the Sephardic version, nor is there a “ve”! My guess is that it was an addition by the Alter Rebbe.
    And it’s not Qol Isha if you don’t look at the ladies! (Besides, why did they pick the most Aryan looking of women, anyway?)

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