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Project Genesis goes higher tech becoming the “net flix” of Torah on the internet:

Since Rabbi Menken also is head of one of the world’s largest and most modern virtual yeshivot, he probably needs the energy. Starting Sept. 1, Rabbi Menken and his Project GenesisTorah.org will test becoming the Netflix of Jewish Torah studies. He calls it Torahmedia. Students download a lesson to their digital player, listen to it, delete it when they are done with it and go online to get a new one.

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3 thoughts on “Enter TorahMedia

  1. Why do they want me to delete the mp3s? The point behind Netflix is to return the movies because they exist in the physical world. The mp3s are just data, and keeping them around wouldn’t affect TorahMedia in the least.
    Is it proper to delete Torah?

  2. I Thought torah was free. “just like you were tought it for free, so too you should teach it for free” and all that. Also the copyright model doesnt really work in Jewish law. Although you are not allowed to copy tapes from people who make their living selling tapes, as it is taking away their livlyhood, I wonder if this applies to people who are using their torah as a “spade” as it were. I dunno. I have also been to the site, and meh. some interesting stuff, but I would rather see a supersite, combining daf yomi, mishna yomi, plus all this stuff, done in some systamatic way. I am not overly impressed, It is not THE site.
    Basically, I am a much bigger fan of limewire than I am of ipod.
    I think it is a baltimore newspaper story of a baltimore rabbi, nothing interesting here folks, move along.

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