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Envisioning Justice: The 15th Annual New Generations Benefit

Envisioning Justice: The 15th Annual New Generations Benefit
Ten artists were selected to showcase their visual art on Israeli social justice issues at this year’s New Generations Benefit on Thursday, October 21st, including Anisa Ashkar, Natan Dvir, Yael Frank, Hannah Fluk, Tanya Habjouqa, Itamar Jobani, Gil Lavi, Ahikam Seri, Ilan Spira and others soon to be announced!
Join fellow fans of a better Israel fighting for civil, human and social rights for all citizens of Israel. To meet the artists, buy your tickets or get involved, click here.

6 thoughts on “Envisioning Justice: The 15th Annual New Generations Benefit

  1. Does this ‘New Israel Fund’ thingee ever have fundraising events in this ‘Israel’ place I’ve heard so much about?
    According to their website this ‘New Israel Fund’ has 5 staffers in NYC, 4 in SF, but only 3 in all of Israel.
    Perhaps it should change its name to ‘New NYC fund’ or ‘New SF fund’.

  2. 1/ @BZ AIPAC can only take funds from one country, the US.
    What’s NIF’s excuse?
    Im Tirzu manages to get funds for its projects with a total staff of just 5, all in Israel.
    2/ @KFJ Are you saying that NIF is saying one thing in one language and another thing in another?
    But I thought Arafat was dead. At least someone is carrying on in his (very small) footsteps.
    PS How long can an honest organisation refer use the word ‘new’ in its title?

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