Er, It Was A Good Run?

Welp… I didn’t want to have to punt her.
After all the flack I’d been given repeatedly about not having enough right-wing voices on the site, I said, WTF, why not add my sister to the blog crew? Yeah, she’s a hariedi Kachnik. Not what you’d call representative of mainstream right-wing views, but definitely representative of the voice of most religious settlers and their supporters. So I said, fuck it — she’s intelligent, a talented writer, and she’s got an in on the Israeli metal scene, which is obviously a plus. And though I knew I was taking a risk when I decided to add her to the blogteam, I had no expectation that it’d go this far. Kicking her off is going to do wonders for our relationship, let me tell you. But what choice do I have?
No skin off your noses, sure. Half of you don’t even think she’s real — you think she’s a character I conceived. But, no. She’s for real. And maybe, at the very least, you now have some degree of insight into why I come about my approach to Jewish thought and practice, and my understanding of Israel and the conflict in the way I do.
I really don’t feel good about this. “Family comes first,” as she would say. But to put up with such racism and homophobia (you should’ve seen the post I deleted last night)… it just doesn’t fly in this forum. Jewschool prides itself on its progressive values and remarks as such push the discourse back into the stoneage.
And so we bid farewell to Holy Terror. Wish it would’ve worked out better… Sorry sis.

136 thoughts on “Er, It Was A Good Run?

  1. Not fair. Avi Green may dislike you, but I don’t think he has ever disparaged an entire group of people. ‘Jerk’ is subjective. Racist…violent…is not. If I’m wrong, show me.

  2. I saw the post you took down. I thought it was typical, actually, and not something that would push you over the edge.
    My offer for her to guest blog on DovBear stands. She’s fit right in. I’d bunk her next to Yitzhak eyezik, wink wink.

  3. Jewschool prides itself on its progressive values
    Jewschool is basically a chorus of “ethnic cleansing” and “apartheid” these days. In what way is propaganda progressive, Mobius?

  4. As interesting as it was to hear her side of things, it did get to be a bit much at times, and I tend to consider myself more right-wing than most.
    Good luck finding another right-winger. 🙂

  5. “Jewschool is basically a chorus of “ethnic cleansing” and “apartheid” these days.”
    Mobius doesn’t really “believe” in such proganda. He is just trying to spark debate. Like when the president of Harvard merely suggests that genetic differences lead to fewer women in the sciences. Or when his sister calls for the lynching of various niggers in NYC. It’s provacative stupid. Its about academic freedom and journalistic integrity. (Just don’t rub him the wrong way.)

  6. yeah but letting certain individuals express their support of traitors who’s actions threaten the lives of millions of Jews, singling out Israel as an apartheid state is allright and overall treating Israel with an unbelievable double standard is ok.. Hamas.org should link to this site. ok maybe not Hamas.Fatah ,John Brown and apparently Mobius as well are totally on the same page. Democratic one state for all.

  7. with no opposing voices whatsoever there’s no reason to visit this site. Even Haarets has centrist and a token right journalists.

  8. Thank you, Mobius, for doing the right thing. A British diplomat retired from working in Israel a few years ago and was asked what he liked about Israelis. He responded that they will argue and debate in an amazingly heated manner, and when they finish, they’ll invite you to dinner and you’ll get along great. I fear that your sister could not imagine stooping so low as to share the dinner with any of us.
    As for whether she’s “representative of the voice of most religious settlers and their supporters,” I’ll take that as a bit more of your baiting. Most supporters of the religious settler movement (I know far more of them than I do actual settlers) would blanch at her statements as much as you and I.
    Since someone brought up the whole Israel/apartheid issue again, I’ll add the following link: http://tinylink.com/?duBVUH71qA
    It is from the current Jerusalem Report and discusses just this issue. It’s called “Warts and All.”

  9. “apparently, avi green couldn’t help himself. nor could streimel, and a few others”
    Sorry to hear about Avi. Not sorry to hear about your sis. Although i don’t agree with the matter in which Avi presents his arguements, I respect his passion.
    I’ll try and tone it down a notch as well Dan. But I’ll call you out when you cross the very lines you’ve set up. Deal?

  10. Booo. She’ll tone down. All bloggers do, after they have a few weeks to let out their older ideas. John Brown is twice as offensive and never once uttered a Jewish thought.
    Your sis is fire and brimstone, but she brings sources, same as everybody else. I thought this blog was just getting interesting.
    I can’t say I’m surprised.

  11. Not good to kick people, particularly when they disagree with you. Makes you look weak, like you don’t have the courage of your convictions. Also doesn’t allow them to look dumb, which is a benefit to them.

  12. Fuck that. She flings the word ‘nigger’ around like she’s chewing gum. I’ve shown a great deal of restraint, but in common parlance: If that bitch won’t stay on the leash, cut her loose.

  13. Or when his sister calls for the lynching of various niggers in NYC. It’s provacative stupid. Why kick her off, then?
    Mobius doesn’t really “believe” in such proganda. Who knows who believes what? Who’s going to crawl into whose mind to find out? More to the point, who cares? It’s all about what the agenda for discussion is — and, these days, it’s basically bullshit propaganda. Obviously it’s going to bring out extremism and useless conversation. Propaganda isn’t for discussing; it’s for bumper stickers and sloganeering.
    Its about academic freedom and journalistic integrity. Academic freedom? This ain’t academia, and the blogosophere is perfectly free thank you. And, integrity? You call propagandising “integrity”, then you call me stupid?
    Feh. Dopus, where do you get that from? Snicker … “dopus”. You funny! Get what?

  14. CENSORSHIP G-D TO LOVE IT, funny how u left freaks are turning ur back on ur ACLU loving constitution kissing butts. I guess free speech goes only if that what u agree? And u can talk bad about israel?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  15. She sounds seriously brainwashed. I mean, visitng Baruch Goldstein’s grave . . . wow.
    I really hope there are not too many others like her, but I sense I’m hoping against hope here.

  16. 8opus: I was being entirely sarcastic. Sorry, I thought it was obvious. I wasn’t calling you stupid.
    And for the record, despite the fact that, as far as I can tell, I’m the only declared nigger around here, I never called for the banning of Mobius’s ridiculous sister. Mobius has previously admitted that he doesn’t necessarily ‘believe’ what he posts. That he merely enjoys ‘provoking’ debate. My point was that his argument is not too much different than Lawrence Summer’s when he suggests that women are genetically predisposed, on average, to have less capacity for genius in the sciences, or his sister’s, when she defended the use of the word ‘nigger’ as a means to rile the humorless ‘pc’ crowd. Pretty matter of fact…I apologize for giving you the wrong impression. I don’t really think blogs can currently be held to the same standards as either academia or ‘real’ journalism. I simply believe that Mobius and his sister are similarly hollow, knee-jerk radicals. The fact that their identity crisis’s ‘appear’ to take ‘opposite’ forms is irrelevant as far as I’m concerned, as neither sibling seriously stands behind their words or beliefs. It’s just a blog after all.

  17. A bunch of fakers. Is it becasue you intermarried sinners feel guilty that what she said makes you upset?
    Stand up and face the facts. You have no future with the Jewish People.

  18. That was an exceedingly tough call to make, given the family politics, etc. Bold, though.
    I really felt that the level of discourse was getting too vulgar and hate-filled for my tastes– pretty much all of us are impassioned here, but I know that when I post (admittedly not often lately) I am trying to learn something and keep an open mind to the nuances of the debate to follow. HT was utterly closed minded, and it was an impossible situation.
    Hope you can keep the family happy, and that maybe she learned something constructive from the experience

  19. Speaking as an “obstacle to peace” – I live in the Shomron – Holy T most certainly did NOT represent the opinions of “most religious settlers and their supporters”. The most recent, obvious proof was the fact that almost NONE of the speakers at the recent mass rally used the messianic angle as their keynote, or reduced their discourse to the level of HT’s schoolyard taunts.
    She is typical of a certain trash-all-that-has-come-before adolescent personality that could just as easily have got caught up in leftie extremism as rightie extremism (ISRAEL is an illegimate nation of jackbooted oppressors!! Palestinians are noble freedom fighters!!! YOU JUST DONT UNDERSTAND… etc…). Oh, and Mobius – is that how you came to bear the White Man’s Axe that you, personally, are grinding on these issues (“you now have some degree of insight into why I come about my approach to Jewish thought and practice, and my understanding of Israel and the conflict in the way I do”)? Interesting… something about apples falling close to trees, if I recall…
    Ronen and others have made calls to abandon the settlers and implied that they are traitors. And Ronen called me a turd. So: where exactly is the line of acceptable speech drawn? Recent experience suggests that leftist regulation of thought and speech is heavy-handed to oppressive – and an especially favorite trick is to glove the iron fist in the silken glove of “insuring a safe environment where nobody is offended or threatened, and all can express their views.” Yeah, right. Visited a college campus lately? Read their speech codes?
    George, this is Mobius. Mobius, this is Mr. George Orwell – you two met before…
    Hey, it’s your blog – and I did feel some of HT’s comments were gratuitously offensive – but the best, freest answer to offensive speech is more speech. Many of us will be monitoring your monitoring, and if it gets too heavy-handed – Jewschool will become another boring example of lefties in a closed feedback loop.

  20. … and the fact that a haredi kachnik was selected as the opinion-balancer… can you say “straw man”? Or maybe, a la Pauline Kael’s famous comment, you “don’t know anyone who thinks other than the right way?”

  21. “You have no future with the Jewish People.”
    If that means no future with stuckup Jews like yourself, well, Praise Allah!

  22. look, i’d like very much for my sister to stay posting to the site. but if she can’t keep a lid on the racism and homophobia, then she’s not welcome here. this is not LGF, and i refuse to allow this site to be turned into a venue for espousing hate. if you guys can convince her to tone it down, then i’ll put her back.

  23. Holy Terror seems like a JAP to me. I like Jewish women, don’t get me wrong, but she’s not nice. She’s a sand kike. Some of you might think she’s a right-wing hyperbole, but there are so many like her where I live, I had to marry a Muslim.

  24. “this is not LGF”
    Jewschool and LGF are 2 sides of the same coin. A plague on both your houses.

  25. Mob,
    please bring her back. Except for raising the line a few times, she had great stuff to post and even though she doesn’t represent us settlers, it does seem like your stifling the discussion. You might as well remove the Rav Kook and replace him with Tommy Lapid instead on the right cuz jewschool tipped back way left with a meretzUSA representative and Israel apartheid posts.

  26. like I said, Ms. Black Jew who the words sand nigger makes cry, Lemrick Nelson is a nigger who deserves to be lynched because he dragged a Jew out of his car and killed him for the crime of being Jewish. you’re the one who said I said lynch all the niggers cand that I think all black people are niggers, like me.
    and I sincerely doubt you’re even Jewish and if you were lynched I wouldn’t cry either.
    and my brother, you got your values from a teacher who made fun of you when you were religious, because you succumb to peer pressure too much.
    And what I posted was

  27. and monk, you married a goy (i dont care if she was nordic she’s still a goy) and your kids aren’t gonna be jewish. Intermarriage is against Judaism, and if I pissed your uber liberal (zeig Heil) Nazi self off for saying it, good. you know I’m right and it eats you alive.

  28. It is with much sadness that I read you are banning your sister from posting on this site. While I admit some of her posting was offensive but as BenDavid put it “the answer to her offensive speech is more free speech”. I always thought Mobius was for free speech and letting the superior ideology win. by closing her down you run the risk of having a “lefty” closed feedback loop as bendavid so eloquently says (BenDavid when I am in Israel would love to drop by and say hello – you got a blog?). Maybe put yourself in her shoes and see that the “Radical Left” veiwpoints you (and Brown & Oofnik) espouse in this blog are offensive to her and it takes a lot of gumption on her part to swallow her pride and take you guys head on.
    Personally I think that to the most part she added a dimension on your sight that was sorely lacking. Also it balanced your site and prevented from falling too far to the left.
    BTW – I had a long talk with HT explaining to her the error of her ways and she was pennning an apology as to her language and her virulence (not to her “right wing” beliefs) – I guess she got booted off before she had a chance to post it.

  29. man, you people would do what you wanted even if you didn’t have a right wing extremist to blame it on….
    you just want to make excuses for your lack of Judaism.
    btw I’m so not charedi.

  30. HOMOPHOBIA = SAYING THAT THERE IS NOTHING JEWISH ABOUT QUEER VALENTINES, and yes, it says in the Torah, a man that lays with a man as with a woman should be put to death.
    As for racism, yeh, you’re right, I’m sorry, it’s ok that Lemrick Nelson killed Yankel Rosenbaum, after all, Nelson is black so he’s really the victim, and the niggers that drove out all the Jews from places like Harlem and East New York by violence are also victims, and really, it’s the Jews fault cause he had the money. Right?

  31. Can it actually be true that no one in our younger generations actually understands what freedom of speech means? Come on, folks…quit it with the high-and-mighty Orwell and book-burning canards. Dan never said that his sister has no right to her opinions. She can stand on whatever street corner she wants, screw her face into a hateful grimace, and spout whatever pops into her mind. Free speech means that you cannot be persecuted for expressing your ideas. That does not mean that anyone and everyone has to publish them. I could write the most horrendous, racist, evil tract ever, and as long as I don’t directly threaten someone, I am free to express those opinions. That really doesn’t mean my local paper (or blog, for that matter) has to publish them. Their called editors. E-D-I-T-O-R-S Their job is not to restrict free speech but to maintain a standard. Dan has done so. Kol Ha’Kavod. A victory for thoughtful expression of ideas.

  32. I thought you were banned.
    Mobius, you can still invite a right-wing poster to broaden perspective here. Just not a shrill psychopath. I’m usually impressed by J’s intelligence and reasoning, even though I don’t agree with much of his politics. So why not invite someone like him, who doesn’t give the right wing a bad name?

  33. I am now totally convinced that HT doesn’t exist.
    I know kachniks, chabadniks, shomron settlers, and folks living in Long Island who finance them all, and no mature adult talks like this.

  34. This is not about repressing an unpopular opinion. It’s about HT’s insistence on using words like nigger and her constant judgement of all people who do not live an orthodix jewish lifestyle. There’s no place for that in modern judaism or in society in general. If there were only one acceptable way to live a Jewish life, then most of us here on the site would be guilty. Luckily, we are not extremists here, and we understand that there are all kinds of Jews, living with varying levels of religious commitment.
    It’s one thing for HT to disagree with another Jew’s lifestyle, but for her to condemn us for it it too much. And I still just can’t get over the casual manner with which she can toss the word nigger around, like it’s any other word.
    I’d be curious to know how many black people HT actually knows, and how often she comes in contact with black people in her daily life.

  35. Hi HT! I don’t think I ever defended the “Jew killer Lemrick Nelson”. Maybe the little nigger roiling in your head said that! *You* did say this however:
    “there are low scummy black people who don’t do anything except scream how everyone owes them everything or like the NAAZIP (NAACP) which was started by Jews and now is one of the most Anti Semitic organizations in the world – who scream at jewish people that they demand to be restituted for slavery and those Jews weren’t even in the country at the time.. those niggers who slash tires in Crown Heights and kill Jews and then scream how it’s really the Jews’ fault for stealing all their money, those niggers who drove the Jew out of tens of New York neighborhoods like Brownsville, East New York and Harlem by violence and drugs – or Jesse Jackson who calls NYC Hymietown, those niggers should be lynched.”
    Can you give our readers a more precise estimate of how many lynchings you’re advocating?

  36. “This is not about repressing an unpopular opinion.’
    So lynching Jesse Jackson is a popular opinion?

  37. Ah, c’mon man. I think you know what I meant. It’s not a first amendment issue, but instead an editorial one.

  38. This is rediculous. Half the people here are not even Jewish. Of course they defend intermarriage. Those intermarried of course they also defend it. This is a closed circle of self defenders.

  39. “please bring her back. Except for raising the line a few times, she had great stuff to post and even though she doesn’t represent us settlers, it does seem like your stifling the discussion”
    Stifling discussion? She’s lucky she has the cloak of the internet to hide behind, because she would’ve been stifled by my Zionist-loving Sand-nigger wife’s fist in her mouth if she’d have opened her trap like that offline. I don’t know how hate speech contributes to any meaningful discussion, especially one about ethnic conflict.
    PS I’m more Jewish than HT ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^

  40. Mobius-
    “and while we’re in the process of booting unwelcome characters, say goodbye to avi green.”
    Big mistake. It’s one thing to remove HT, where the posts devolved into epithets and insults, and real discussion disappeared. Avi Green is often too quick to toss an insult, but he generally had substance – real facts and arguments. If you want a website that’s about ideas, rather than propaganda, your’e harming yourself by doing this.
    And let’s not be so sensitive. You don’t like being called a self-hating Jew? Understood. But how do you think a lot of us feel when you call the country we support an “apartheid state” that engages in “ethnic cleansing”? But instead of just saying “f*** you”, we make our arguments. We all need thick skins to do this right, including you.

  41. “This is rediculous. Half the people here are not even Jewish. Of course they defend intermarriage. Those intermarried of course they also defend it. This is a closed circle of self defenders”
    I’ll one up “Joe Schmo” in Jew anyday too. And so would my Sunni wife. ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›

  42. Mobius wrote:
    “But, no. She’s for real. And maybe, at the very least, you now have some degree of insight into why I come about my approach to Jewish thought and practice, and my understanding of Israel and the conflict in the way I do.”
    Is it right to maintain a worldview in reaction to someone else’s? If your sister had been a left-winger, would you be reacting rightward now?

  43. I am jumping in this conversation without having read many of Holy Terror’s post due to my schedule recently. I am going to address several things here but feel a need to start with Joe Schmo’s post at 10:17am.
    Joe: I will answer your stupidity this way, I am frankly quite opposed to intermarriage. For reasons I will not discuss here, but have in previous threads, am currently married to someone who had converted to Judaism and has since back slide to Christianity. I am in a intermarriage situation and it bugs me, but walking away from some one you love is not the easiest thing in the world to do either.
    Now on to the real topic. As this is Mobius’ site he has the right to do what ever he feels is best for the site. I disagree with much of what is posted by John Brown and Moishe Oofnik, and have gotten in to those discussion. On the same not I find some of the things on this thread posted by Holy Terror to be offensive. The ‘censorship’ of ideas can be problematic, but is not necessarily a bad idea IF a number of people have been complaining. What I have found interesting though is it seems that the post that have been garnering the most responses recently are those posted by Holy Terror. (or in the case of this thread those about Holy Terror.) If she truly believes much of want she posts, perhaps ( and I say perhaps) she needs to re-examine the origin of some of those hateful thoughts.
    A number people seem to have on this thread seem to have a problem with the use of the term Nigger. While I would never use the term myself, I hear many Black young adults use the term between themselves quite frequently. This leads me to believe that it is not necessarily the term that is offensive to some people, but who uses it. If that is the case, and my point of view is entirely anecdotal, then what the real problem is – is not the word but in fact a form of reverse racism. I saw the use, earlier on this thread, of the term Kike. I find this term, personally, very offensive no matter who uses it. (I feel the same about several of the other similar terms directed at Jews over the years.)
    If Mobius find that it is necessary to ‘censor’ his sister that is fine by me. What I would like to see is if Holy Terror is capable of communicating in an adult way, using language that is civilized. I am not sure that is possible, but it would be interesting to find out.

  44. I’d accept HT’s invariable use of the word ‘nigger’ for ‘black’–to draw attention, or rile up the crowd, or whatever the defense of the indefensible–it she’d use the word ‘kikey’ in place of ‘Jewish’ for the same reason. But she’s not doing that, is she? Racist is as racist does.

  45. “A number people seem to have on this thread seem to have a problem with the use of the term Nigger.” It has to do with context. There’s a massive difference in context between the way black people use “nigger” and the way HT used it. The fact that you think it’s reverse-discrimination because blacks seem to own the licensing rights to this word shows you have a very simplistic understanding of the English language. I surely wasn’t trying to offend you by using Kike, but at least it will give HT (Jewschool’s representative JAP-kike closet dike) some sense of being a Nigger. Sorry if I offended fellow Jews (assuming you’re not lying about being Jewish) in the process..

  46. HT (back from the crypty) said this:
    “shtreimel, what happened, i thought you were leaving.
    Holy Terror • 02/03/05 08:41am”
    HT, if you can read as well as you can espouse your hate, you’d have notieced I typed:
    “My last comment to HT will be this…”
    I tryly appreciate Jewschool, why would I stop responding to other, less racist and homophobic, poster/commenters?
    Anyway, welcome back if your back. And yes, I will not be commenting on any of your posts. So there.

  47. “Wow this blog look smore and more like LGF every day”
    Actually, no one ever called me a nigger at LGF. This place is much worse.

  48. the only reason I’m calling you a nigger is cause you stick up for niggers that kill Jews, nigger. You think it’s ok for black people to kill Jews.

  49. And your black ass, I say again, I truly doubt you’re even Jewish otherwise you would never stick up for some nigger that killed a Jew for the crime of being a Jew has spouted some of the most anti-Semitic crap I’ve ever seen in my life.
    It’s niggers like you that give black people a bad name.

  50. btw, i really don’t care if someone uses the word kike, you sanctimonius leftists who would rather see Jews dead than dare say that you don’t love Arabs are the ones getting yer panties in bunches.

  51. Where did I “stick up for niggers that kill Jews” you crazy little person? I think again, you’re confusing me with the little nigger who lives inside your head shouting obscenities.

  52. like I said in countless of my posts, I have nothing against decent black people but the ones who go around killing Jews and wrecking people’s lives are niggers and deserve to be lynched.

  53. but this is happily racist – Rizzo, I’ll kick your wife’s sand nigger ass anytime, anyplace…good thing there won’t be more Jews like you in the world.

  54. wow, so there ya go, all your hopping about and spewing forth obscenities is completely pointless.
    now then, you waste of DNA, how come you never stepped up and said what lemrick Nelson did is wrong? And are you Monk’s wife or not? And are you even a Jew? Answer. Prove yourself.

  55. you sit here going off like a bitch ass nigger, now say something that actually makes sense for once in your overblown posting – btw, this is a much better name than Dickforce

  56. Holy Terror, you reek of trailer trash, which is very unbecoming for an alleged Jew. No wonder you shvantes squat on Palestinian land using trailers- you want to be just like your redneck brethren back in America; the same ones who send you money on Jesus’s behalf during the day and attend Klan rallies at night.

  57. I wonder if you will ever be able to recognize that absolutely nothing you are saying makes any sense.

  58. yeeeeeehhhhaaaaa I’m more busy than a cat trying to cover its crap on a marble floor, break out the brewskies baby
    rednecks are at least intellectually honest which is more than I can say for you and your sand nigger snookums

  59. My wife would stomp your ugly kike face into the curb, HT. You can’t possibly be serious, even if you are onE butch of a closet dike…

  60. oh, is this your new diefense? I don’t make any sense?
    Dude, i hereby accuse you in front of all as 1. not even being Jewish 2. agreeing that nigger Lemrick Nelson did a good thing by killing Yankel Rosenbaum for the crime of being a Jew and 3. being Monk’s wife.
    What do you plead?

  61. “accuse in front of all.” holy shit that’s funny!
    Oh precious Holy Terror, just ignore all those voices in your head! They’re not real! everything is going to be a-l-r-i-g-h-t.

  62. your lack of an answer is damning.
    look Daniel, you sold me out for a bitch ass nigger who isn’t even Jewish and just comes on this site to make Jews look bad.

  63. I notice that my biggest detractors have either a. married out of the faith and aided the Nazis in the disintegration of the Jewish people because they have no sense of responsibilty to the Jewish people whatsoever or 2. aren’t even Jewish themselves.
    Take note, all of those who would see.

  64. Like I said, JAPs like HT are why I’m thankful I married outside my faith. Daniel, don’t feel bad for banning your kike-dike of a sister. It’s not like you have any choice over who your family members are. If Hitler was your brother, and you gave him a chance at blogging, he would probably post the same drivel as your sister. And you’d probably have the integrity to ban his racist ass too….Mazel Tov 🙂

  65. HT, Tell you what. I’ll “prove” that I’m a Jew (by sending you a telepathic representation of each emanation of the Godhead I suppose) if you can prove that you are indeed Daniel’s mentally unstable sister. Deal?

  66. Take note! And Behold! All I have written! To all who would see!
    Holy shit. HT you fucking crack me up. Thank you. I seriously cannot stop laughing.

  67. you never answered me. Do you think that it’s ok that Lemrick Nelson killed a Jew? and are you Monk’s wife?

  68. HT- Out of four Palestinian-Jew grandkids, I was my grandmothers’ favorite (both of them). And since my grandparents were among Israel’s founding Zionists, this makes me more Jewish than you, you transplanted trailer queen! So you can kindly bit this Judenrat’s Kosher ass, you JAP wannabee.

  69. fat lot of good it did them, you married a sand nigger and they suffered for nothing. and if they were secular Zionist they did sell their religious brethren out, so yeh, I guess they got what they deserve.. btw, unlike you weak people out there you can throw every pejorative at me and it doesnt hurt me.

  70. yeh, like I said, you’re not Jewish, I’m sure you’re monks wife, and you think it’s ok that Lemrick Nelson (the nigger) killed a Jew. That’s my point. Man, when some really bad disaster happens to you, remember what you’ve written here. That’s not a threat, that’s just saying that G-d is gonna get you and all those who think like you one day, and I’m gonna laugh.

  71. HT, I thought you were joking about the Kahano racist Oi! band. Too bad – that was kind of funny when it was a joke. From everything I’ve heard about Yankel Rosenbaum, he was a real cool guy. Can’t speak for the dead, but I doubt he’d want someone like you defending him.

  72. HT is mobius.
    No other reason he’s supposedly banned Avi Green and kept this HT character going. I already miss dickforce.
    Is this some kind of experiment or something?

  73. “the Kahano racist Oi! band” was my idea. You think HT has an imagination?
    “I already miss dickforce.”
    She is alive and well.

  74. and another thing, I ever saw anyone on this site defend him and ask ‘dickforce’, who still has not answered me, what she thinks – as in, what does she, as a purported black Jew (I again state that I do not believe she is Jewish) – say about the killing of Yankel Rosenbaum by Nelson the nigger?
    i think that all of you are too politically correct to stick up for any Jew over a nonJew for fear of getting yelled at by the uber leftist Nazis on this site.

  75. I’ve been working on that band for quite some time, sorry, as usual, you’re wrong.
    still haven’t given an answer to this site, dear.
    “Those who cannot debate, defame”
    especially the non jewish bitch ass niggers who come on here pretending they’re jewish

  76. Josh,
    But does it matter? I mean, even if it is a joke…a PR stunt. Because either way, whomever they are coming from, and for whatever reason, they make the person making them seem quite unstable a la DSM 4.

  77. yeh nigga i likes da way u spell boarder line
    as in
    you is prolly a boarder in a crack house
    you like the hate? this is what the Jews get fed every day by the people you would have steal their homes. Except we get blown up. You just run off at your evil mouth.

  78. oh wait, i forgot. YOU’RE NOT JEWISH, you’re just on here to make Jews think you are so you can foister your anti-Semitism on people.
    hey, is foister a word?

  79. you know what’s funny
    I’m just doing this cause it pisses you off
    you should have seen me on the Kahane site when someone made fun of me for freestyling, saying I’m trying to be like a gorilla.
    go to the forum – http://www.kahane.org

  80. Oh are we spellchecking posts now? Getting desperate are we HT? Please publically self-destruct some more (for me). I seem to be one of your last remaining fans.
    p.s. “foist”

  81. btw for all of you to know, there is nothing worse than a Jewish destroyer from within… this non-Jewish black anti-Semite is a whole lot of nothing compared to the damage you cause to the Jewish people.

  82. Yes, explore your rage. Come to the dark side. I have a something to tell you HT:
    Holy Terror, I am your father!

  83. btw, i really don’t know why people think I’m trying to be a model for religious people. I don’t speak for any1 but myself.

  84. I read some of rizzo’s comments.i don’t like his attitude. he sounds very stupid. i’m sure that in a previous life, he was a kapo at one of the concentration camps.

  85. If you’re going to ban avi green then you really REALLY ought to ban that Rizzo fuckwad. I mean seriously! Sand Kike? I think the term JAP is held in disfavour by most PC type campuses… I won’t even go into th rest of the idiotic crap he writes. Moby man. what the fuck is happenning to your blog???

  86. Bite me, you twitchy farts. Any self-proclaimed Jew who throws around the word “nigger” is a dirty cracker and deserving of any pejoritave label they get. I didn’t see you fools object to the use of the equally offensive epithet “nigger”, so don’t be such sensitive little bitches when the target is Jew…ahem…i mean You!

  87. This shows why unlimited free speech doesn’t work.
    Sounds nice in theory, but it doesn’t work in practice.
    I mean, look at how this thread has degenerated.
    Solution: Ban HT, Ban Rizzo, ban the use of “n–” and “k–”
    Censorship shmensorship, at least we will be able to have a decent discussion.

  88. this is some funny shit, despite “her” sophmoric tactics, HT has pulled up everyone’s skirt and gotten them to either wimp out on their political belief’s, become a tattle-tale, or expose their personal prediliction to using racial epithets. Not only that, but her “you’re not a jew” jibes left every p/t talmid scrambling for their chumashim in order to prove “her” wrong. In the end she wins even if she’s “babbling on and on/and aint sayin nothin” (peace Jeru!), because are the hottest posts on the blog.

  89. Mobius, what the fuck? Newbie though I may be to this site, I’d like to see some honesty, or at least consistency. If HT exists, why revoke the ban 24 hours after the fact? If she’s you’re sister, I think you’d know what to expect. If she’s a joke, just have the comedic integrity to stick with it and keep screwing with us, instead of waffling like this. In any case, you seem confused. For the sake of your fairly cool site, please pull it together, or I’ll be tuning out real soon.

  90. Sorry, too many comments to read while I’m itching to respond…
    1. Velvel writes, “Booo. She’ll tone down. All bloggers do, after they have a few weeks to let out their older ideas. John Brown is twice as offensive and never once uttered a Jewish thought. / Your sis is fire and brimstone, but she brings sources, same as everybody else. I thought this blog was just getting interesting. / I can’t say I’m surprised. / Booooooooooo!”
    I really have to wonder about people who are more interested in hate-speech than intellectual discourse. As far as I know, Jewschool is about debate, not crossfire.
    2. Mark Eastman writes, “Fuck that. She flings the word ‘nigger’ around like she’s chewing gum. I’ve shown a great deal of restraint, but in common parlance: If that bitch won’t stay on the leash, cut her loose.”
    I’d say Mr. Eastman isn’t helping the cause, so to speak, if he insists on using phrases like, “if that bitch won’t stay on the leash, cut her loose.” Dear lord, what is -that- all about?!
    3. Mobius — you took a chance with HT, and that was brave, because she does have an interesting take on things. But journalistically responsible, she was not, and as the editor in chief, I believe you took the right derech.
    Much like cornbread, ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

  91. Frank Rizzo:
    I am not sure you entirely got my the point I was trying to make. I personally find the “N” word to be offensive no matter who uses it. I state that my observation was entirely anectodal in nature. I will add a different piece of information. I have a former co-worker who was Black. He went in to a fast food establishment in a largely Black area of the city I live in. The young man behind the counter said something to the effect of what can I get you today nigger. My co-worker was quite offended by the word being directed at him. My point was, as now extended, that a certain class of people who use that term find it acceptable coming from those like themselves, nothing more nothing less. And yes I do believe that is reverse-discrimination if ONLY certain people are allowed to acceptably use that term.
    As to questioning my Jewishness, that is just as offensive as you using the term Kike. I was born, raised, and will die Jewish. If you have a problem with other Jews that is your problem, but why would I lie about that. If I wasn’t, I would certainly be proud of not being Jewish.
    As to the rest of this discussion, I feel like I have been reading a very poorly written comedy routine designed to offend as many people as possible.

  92. I was making fun of HT’s questioning of people’s Judiasm; I’m not really trying to oneup any fellow commenteer’s in Jew (bichyay dinach). I was simply parodying the superiority complexes that some of you exhibit. So, bevakasha, don’t be offended, unless you think you can beat me in Jew 🙂

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