Esther’s Jewish Affects

Ari Engel of Pilot Yid writes in (to us, and apparently everyone else),

Well, we saw Esther/Madonna last night, it was fun, she puts on a good show, and as Madonna is a full fledged kabbalist now, I thought I’d mention the Jewish references in the show:

1. Throughout the show there were kabbalistic looking Hebrew letters and symbols flashing on the stage’s screen, mainly during ‘Like A Prayer’ but also during other songs.

2. Some of the shirtless male dancers were wearing tefillin-looking straps on their left arms during one of the songs.

3. Naturally, Madonna was wearing her red bracelet.

4. One of the songs had flags of all the countries flashing on the screen behind the stage, it seemed to me that the Israeli flag got more time than the other flags.

5. During one of the songs (American Life?) she had dancers dressed as various religions, including a woman wearing a burqa, a Cardinal looking guy, and 2 guys dressed as chassidim.

6. One of the videos on the screen was of a little Israeli (with yarmulka) and Arab kid with their arms around each other smiling, and walking away together ‘in peace’. Followed by the “Spirituality For Kids” logo which is an organization promoting kabbalah for children.

7. Some of the T Shirts for sale (which were priced from $20 to $85), had more kabbalistic looking Hebrew lettering and symbols, and another that had ‘Madonna’ spelled out in Hebrew.

Man, I feel exploited just reading about it.

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