Evangelicals Are Not Our "Natural Allies"

“Even when it comes to Israel, “evangelicals are out of step with American Jews and Israelis — most of whom would agree to trade land for peace if a viable peace plan were proposed. Evangelicals, by contrast, support the maximalist ideology of the most fundamentalist Jewish settlers, who view territorial concessions as suicidal.”

4 thoughts on “Evangelicals Are Not Our "Natural Allies"

  1. In case no one has noticed, the world doesn’t like Arabs now. The Evangelicals base their faith on all Jews keeping the Sabbath holy and/or all living in the State of Israel. Now, I know that Mo doesn’t feel that the state of Israel should be placed before human rights, and I can respect that. But what the Evangelicals would argue is that a divided State of Israel is no State of Israel at all, and therefore no Jesus making a super comeback.
    Reading through this article, a few things irked me. The biggest thing is the regionalization of Jewish ‘culture.’ “In Massachusetts, gay marriage is supported by the Jews.” So obviously, these are Reform Jews. The comment, “go back to New York, where you belong,” is especially insightful to the drek spit out by this liberal article. The Jews on the West Coast, from what little interaction I’ve had with them (being an Alberta boy, myself), are leftists. As such, they’re all about the ‘land for peace.’
    But I’m sure I’m stating the obvious.

  2. And just in case I wasn’t clear…
    California may be part of the US, and reform Jews may be Jewish, but don’t think for a second that they accurately represent the tennets, beliefs, and ideals of American Jews and Israelis.

  3. I disagree. We’re not ALL about land for peace. G_d gave the land to the twelve tribes. HOLD ON TO IT! Also, not all of us believe that every group that branches off to do their own thing represents Israel or Judaism. Israel and Judaism should represent G_d’s tennets and ideals, not the other way around.

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