Event for Pro-Israel Progressives tonight @ Columbia

The Intersection of Israel and Progressive Politics
Congresswoman Shelley Berkley, a dynamic Democrat from Nevada, will join us for a conversation on how support for Israel intersects with progressive politics.
Hosted by Pro-Israel Progressives
[email protected]
Sunday, April 22, 2007
8:15pm – 10:00pm
Math 312 // 117th & Broadway-ish
Cafe Nana will be served. Feel free to come 15 minutes early to start eating!
Co-Sponsored by LionPAC and CU DEMS
[Update] See Backbeat’s informative comments below.

4 thoughts on “Event for Pro-Israel Progressives tonight @ Columbia

  1. fyi, Shelley Berkley is one of the most vehement right-wing, “Israel right or wrong” Representatives in the House. She notoriously sponsored an amendment to the 2005 foreign appropriations bill that added layers of restrictions to already restricted funding for the Palestinian Authority (and this was during the good ole pre-Hamas days). This event is not for “pro-Israel progressives” of the jewschool, brit tzedek, peace now variety. It’s an event to take your everyday Jewish liberal and make sure they don’t turn into us (ie, “anti-semites” – see post above). The idea that Shelley Berkley is a pro-Israel progressive is nauseating.

  2. I am a columbia student who attended the event, and i had very mized feelings about it.
    i am largely appreciative of her domestic policies: immigration reform, alternative renewable energy… the usual Dem stuff.
    however, her foreign policy is pretty knee-jerk. when she spoke about voting for the war in Iraq (granted, before the “evidence” was disproved) she admitted to voting for it for the sake of israel’s safety. as a future roommate of one of the leaders of pro israel progressives, they did not expect to hear what they did. although it should be noted that, the directing leader of pro pro sees the group as just showing how “progressive” americans can be supportive of israel. thus, they can be progressive on everything EXCEPT for israel, at times… this is what happened in the backlast when they invited shovrim et hasheket to campus.

  3. fascinating report invisible. thanks. i sort of suspected that they were basically looking to make sure progressives dont actually extend their progressive vision to Israel and support radical ideas like ending the occupation and a two-state solution.

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