Everything you thought about Israeli music was wrong

I just got back from seeing Liz Nord’s documentary about Punk rock in Israel at the Docaviv film festival. If you are living in Israel I highly recommend you check out Jericho’s Echo. It’s playing one more time Saturday night at midnight. Tonight was packed so I highly recommend you get your tickets as early as possible.
Rock over Tel Aviv!

6 thoughts on “Everything you thought about Israeli music was wrong

  1. I remember Tel Aviv, I used to live there. Now I live here in Beer Sheva. I just went to a movie here at the university cinema. Fucking Israelis talked through the whole movie, House of the Flying Daggers.

  2. You youngsters don’t know what punk rock really is.
    Israel has had exactly one authentic punk band: Nosei Hamigbaat. Useless Id etc. are just poseurs.

  3. ilan- i agree that ID are complete phoneys, but i have no idea what band you’re talking about. BTW are heard that old Rami Fortis is actually pretty rockin. Can anyone confirm?

  4. i only saw the web previews of this movie, but it seemed to me that those being interviewed were barely able to express themselves in english. is that the case with the whole movie? or do they get to speak hebrew at some point?

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