Expect A Slow Week…

It’s a slow blogging week here at Jewschool. That’s because a large number of the Jewschool crew are here in Jerusalem for ROI 120. What is ROI 120? We’re still kind of trying to figure that out. But in the meantime, Shamir Power, Sarah Lefton, Ben Baruch, Frumsky, Harry, I, and quite a number of our regular readers and commentors (including most of the Jewlicious crew) are all holed up in the Kings Hotel on Lynn Schusterman’s dime for a week-long attempt at reinventing the Jewish future. Lots of backhanded remarks and photographs to follow… 🙂
As for now, I have to get up in seven hours to give a presentation on Jew It Yourself, which I’m pleased to announce has just received a grant which will cover a fair portion of the project’s initial development! Yay! We’re still on the prowl for more assistance, however — particularly to cover the ongoing costs of maintaining Jewschool and Radical Torah — so if you’re feeling the love, I’m also pleased to announce that Matzat, Jewschool’s non-profit, is presently able to receive tax-deductible donations through the National Havurah Committee.
If you’d care to contribute, you can do so through Network for Good by clicking here. Be sure to specify Matzat under ‘Designation’! Or you can send a check to The National Havurah Committee at 7135 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19119. Please write ‘For Matzat’ in the note field of your check.

2 thoughts on “Expect A Slow Week…

  1. This is just another example of how sex offenders get away with their crimes. They go from one community to another. Please help spread the word about the following call to action:
    URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Rabbi Mordecai Tendler Scheduled to Speak in Har Nof, Jerusalem
    “According to the Chafetz Chayim in his vital sefer Shmiros Halashon (klal 4 halacha 7-8,7:65) it is permitted and even obligatory to record and and even a mitzvah–good deed to publicize the information contained herein:”
    Moshe Siegel is organizing a lecture by Rabbi Mordecai Tendler. There is a call to action to have the following lecture cancelled.
    Topic: “Halachik Considerations of Financial Expenditures”
    (Tzedaka vs. Household)
    Where: Rechov Agassi 32 (Room #7 – 1 flight up), Har Nof, Jerusalem, Israel
    When: Thursday, July 6, 2006 – 6:45 pm
    Shiur starts at 6:45 pm followed by Maariv at 8:15 pm.
    Contact : Moshe Siegal [email protected]
    Considering the decree created and signed by Rabbi Wosner (head of the Shevet Levi rabbinical court) and the rabbis in Monsey, NY (December, 2005); The Awareness Center, Inc. is asking everyone to contact Moshe Siegel ( [email protected]) and make him aware of the following information:
    Background information on Rabbi Mordecai Tendler
    “A Wide Spectrum of Prominent New York Rabbanim Conclude and Present Herein Their Joint Halachic View that Mordecai Tendler is Unfit to Serve in the Capacity of Rav.”
    Committee for Rabbinic Integrity
    Please read the following excerpts . . .
    1) “It is forbidden to ask for Mordecai Tendler for advice on Jewish law.
    2) This Rabbi can no longer officiate at divorces, weddings, batei dinim, etc…
    3) No one is obligated to give him any respect such as standing up for him, etc.
    4) He can no longer be a Rav or Rabbi or Dayan amongst the Jewish People!
    5) One should never allow their wives or daughters to go to his classes or to go to him at all including counseling… and all his rulings are null and void!
    6) ” it is our opinion that one must not seek any advice in any area including Shalom Bayis, and certainly not in any Halachic matters pertaining to Divorce, Marriage or Conversions!”
    To comply with the decree of the rabbunim of Monsey, The Awareness Center, Inc. is requesting that all rabbis from Har Nof and Beit Shemesh for thier help in stopping Rabbi Mordecai Tendler from teaching in their neighborhood.
    We are also asking If someone could comply a list of rabbis in Har Nof and Beit Shemesh and forward it to: Vicki Polin OR go to newhempsteadnews.blogspot.com and post comments on the blog with the information.

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