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Extremists curse Olmert with Pulsa Denura

Pulsa Denura (photo: ynet)Efrat Weiss reports over at ynet news:

Right-wing extremists hold mythical Kabbalistic ‘death curse’ against prime minister, exactly one year after identical ritual against then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.
[…]Exactly one year after carrying out a “Pulsa Denura,” an ancient Kabbalistic death curse, against former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Right-wing extremists held a similar ritual targeting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Channel 10 reported Tuesday.
[…]On Sunday a group of Right-wing extremists arrived at the Har Herzl cemetery, and there by the grave of murdered Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi, carried out a Pulsa Denura ceremony against Olmert.

These guys have remarkable timing don’t they?

14 thoughts on “Extremists curse Olmert with Pulsa Denura

  1. Maybe if entrenched Israeli political parties didn’t ban newcomers from exercising their democratic rights these “extremists” would not have to resort to this. (veiled reference to the ban of Kach for those who might not get it)

  2. so let”s see. this is like gazans saying they won the war which is why we disengaged. so yeah, let’s hope it doesn’t work on ehud–that is if you believe that the pulsa denura killed sharon–and not his diet and stress and stupid doctors who almost killed my friend’s wife in precisely the same manner.
    get a life.

  3. I’m pretty sure the comment was meant in a somewhat sarcastic manner….
    How unJewish is it to wish a death-curse on your own people? these nuts should be left to live on the land they so desperately want to live on, and let Hamas have em. They might even get a long.

  4. absolutely, no Jew should ever wish for, let alone pray for the death of another Jew. (for that matter any peace loving human being)
    The only time I have ever come close to such a thought is after watching interviews and speeches by nturei karta – Jews who I believe fuel Musli hatred toward Jews

  5. Le *sigh*… calling Kabbalah “mythical”? Do they talk about other religions that way? Do they ever call ahadeeth or Canon Law any word with the root “myth-“? The report in Ynet back in the day of Dalai Lama’s visit was replete with glowing terms and references to respect for Buddhism, for example.
    In addition, Pulsa d’Nura is not a “death curse”. Rather, it is the equivalent of calling someone into judgment (the same judgement which we believe happens after death) now. Making a person’s life-cheshbon calculated now, and judgment carried out now.
    However, every case has two litigants. When one calls someone ELSE into judgment, they themselves get called into judgment. Which is why you can’t just go around doing pulsa d’nura on ppl. Nor is it an automatic death sentence, as we know, giving charity saves from death (Prov.), doing teshuvah and praying (Rosh Hashana liturgy) also does. Not to mention, ultimately, in the biggest of big pictures, G-d is running everything and controls life spans (Psalms) so these are all Divine supplications being said anyway.
    Not rabbis but “right-wing xtremists”, not a ritual but a “mythical…death curse”, I find it shocking the double standards which always seem to work against Judaism…

  6. I think that national unity and cooperation is much more important than these guys’ own narrow-minded (and twisted) views.

  7. Oh, and Kyle’s Mom, doctors have been doing an unbelievable job of keeping Sharon alive. In my opinion, they’ve been doing too good a job. If he is a vegetable, they should just let the poor guy die already (out of rachmanus), but that’s my view.
    Doctors have done more for society than you could possibly understand, and don’t even get me started on the difficulty of the pre-med courses that they have to take. They’re much harder than the liberal arts courses that you might have taken in college. And the research conducted by some MD’s is absolutely awe-inspiring. So please, next time think twice before you go ahead and have the gall to call doctors “stupid.”

  8. Smoot,
    Pleanty of Doctors are extremely corrupt. One of the factors of the Medical Unsinsured dillema we face is the our doctors billing insurance company $18 per aspirin.
    Or billing patients 400% more than they bill insurance companies
    What about the thousands of doctors perfomong abortions, or the docotrs who perform surgeries because the ins companies pay them more for em.
    I love how you paint Doctors as such righeouteous folks cause school is hard.
    Do you think terrorist training camps are easy?
    Truth be told Doctors are far more decent than the best attorneys
    happy 4th

  9. calling Kabbalah “mythical”?

    I’ll put my money on poor English usage rather than an attempt to dis Kabbalah. I think they meant to say “mystical.”

  10. About the “ancient kabbalistic death curse”:
    “An article in the religion supplement of the independent ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) weekly Mishpacha recently claimed that there is, in fact, no such thing. The two authors of the article, Dr. Dov Schwartz of Bar-Ilan University and Haredi activist Moshe Blau, spoke at length with three high-ranking kabbalists, and received the answers: “I don’t know of it,” “I’ve never heard of any such thing,” and “There is no such curse in the Torah.”
    The two writers have made a study of the places in which the term pulsa denura appears in the sources, and have found that it is usually a reference to divine punishment imposed by God on angels, and not a curse or banishment from the community. Among the literal interpretations found for the expression: Ball of fire, whip of fire, burst of fire.
    The two researchers reached the conclusion that the pulsa denura invoked today is merely a new and particularly frightening version of an excommunication edict, a ceremony that also incorporates extinguishing candles, blowing shofars in synagogue and reciting a curse. Excommunication does not really frighten secular Jews. In the final analysis, what do they care if the Haredim ostracize them? After Israel’s establishment, the term pulsa denura replaced excommunication.
    The researchers did not identify who gave excommunication its new name. But so as not to hold the reader in suspense, we will note that use of the curse in the early days of the state was usually attributed to religious struggles in Jerusalem that involved the leader of the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta movement, Amram Blau.
    “Pulsa denura is not a kabbalistic ceremony,” they concluded. “Kabbalists do not take part in it, it is not done at midnight but rather at midday – not after a fast of three days, not to the light of black candles, the text is not read seven times, and the persons do not necessarily stand facing the east.” ”
    More info here:

  11. Dear Olmert Kool-Aid Drinkers!
    Just because you can’t wrap your brain around the concepts of Kabballah, or for that matter , Hashem and his Covenant with Jewish people, it does not mean you need to put them down.
    As an old Yiddish expression goes, “Don’t be smarter than the steam-engine train”
    Yes, the call to judgement clearly worked in cases of both Rabin & Sharon.
    BTW: What makes you Jewish? Your love for lox and the glorified “Tikkun Olam?”
    Do you at all care about the survival of Israel? If so, why do support appeasement of the enemy and surrender of Jewish land?
    Thank You Y-love for an excellent post! May I quote you on Club Maoz Yahoo Group? Would you care to join us?

  12. The idea of Divine judgment using a human as a catalyst is not only nothing new, the first Jew was doing it (q.v. G-d’s “postponing” His judgment against S’dom and Amora until after Avraham got his claims in). R’ Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev “stopped the judgment of Rosh Hashanah” by bringing claims to the Heavenly Court via prayer.
    And see Faith and Folly back R’ Ya’akov Hillel (I think?), esp. the chapter on binding angels with oaths using Divine Names.
    Very much not a death curse, Pulsa d’Nura (if this is even the correct term for it) is a catalyst of Divine Judgment.
    And maoz girl, holla! Quote me like what!

  13. There’s no reason to interfere with this activity, as it’s great for tourism and worldwide publicity for Israel; there should be a formal stop on state-run tours, showcasing a the leaders of a primitive Jewish cult sticking pins into voodoo dolls, doing a rain dance, and waving a bloody chicken over their heads (all the while taking credit for causing the death of Sharon, the tsunami in South Asia, and the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D.). On the other hand, when they start inciting their ignorant and credulous followers to participate in specific acts of treason, then it’s time to rap them on the snout with a rolled-up newspaper. Hard.

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