3 thoughts on “Face the fear of the frummies

  1. Simple demographics says that in another generation or so, about half the army will be religious given current rates of decrease in secular birthrates.
    on the face of it, someone is trying to disband the hesder units in order to prevent the strong cohesion in these units between religious soldiers. But this will backfire. I often argue with left-wing secular crybabies who claim that the haredim don’t serve in the army that they are hypocrites. On one hand, they whine about them not serving, on the other hand, they would not want to serve with them. So…
    once these hesder units are disbanded and the idealogical religious soldiers flow into the other units, more secular Israelis will be exposed to Judaism, and the ‘danger’ of ‘hazara b’tshuva’ will grow.

  2. I think your missing the point, given the number of Hesder soldiers who have threatened to refuse orders, the ideologoues have left the IDF no choice but to disband hesder units, lest they become armies under the command of Rabbi Shapira and not the IDF and its Commander and Chief. Perhaps when this thing blows over the units will be reformed, but until them the IDF has no real choice.

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