Fahima Kept In Custody

UPI reports,

A Supreme Court judge Sunday ordered a Jewish woman who helped Palestinian militants remain in custody until her trial ends.

The judge, Eliakim Rubinstein, thus overturned a Tel Aviv District Court’s decision to release Tami Fahima, 28, into house arrest.

Full story. For more info on Tali’s case, visit FreeTaliFahima.org.

5 thoughts on “Fahima Kept In Custody

  1. The absurdity is that her terrorist Jew-hating Jew-killing lover is getting taken off the ‘most wanted’ list. So by that logic, so should she.

  2. this girl deserves to have her eyes gouged out. she’s busy helping people that would kill her own mother rather than sticking up for her own. like so many others around here.

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