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Family Finds Pringles In Place Of Urn At Synagogue's Mausoleum

“When relatives of Vivian Shulman Lieberman went to visit her final resting place in a Houston mausoleum one year ago today, they discovered that the cedar chest containing her ashes was missing.
In its place, behind the locked, glass door of Lieberman’s niche in Congregation Beth Israel’s mausoleum, was a can of sour-cream-and-onion potato chips. […] Houston police took custody of the can, which still contained potato chips.”

Full story.

6 thoughts on “Family Finds Pringles In Place Of Urn At Synagogue's Mausoleum

  1. Well if she would have been buried in traditional manner this wouldn’t be a problem now would it…..

  2. You guys don’t understand: she HATED sour cream and onion.
    If it were only a can of Barbecue Flavor, the family wouldn’t be so up in arms…

  3. This is the most bizarre story I’ve ever read. What kind of a Jew has their loved on cremated and then stored in a shul ?
    While I certainly feel bad for the family involved, there is probably more to this story than meets the eye.

  4. Jews believe in ‘tehiat hametim’ – resurrection of the dead – whether you might like it or not. It’s in numerous parts of the daily services. Cremation is pretty much the most wicked thing you could do to a Jew.

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