10 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. Superman’s going to die again?? Sheesh, that dude’s like Jesus Christ… you kill him, you think he’s gone and then he pops up and you have to startall over. I mean poor Lex Luthor – will he ever find peace?

  2. That image is the cover of the comic book issue where Superman is “killed” by a character named Doomsday.

  3. It’s Superman #75. Came out in about 1997. Any comic store worth its salt will have a bunch of copies of the non-collectors edition version in their back issues.

  4. Oh… THAT Superman. Doh! Too bad we couldn’t get him those stem cells and stuff what with stem cell research being illegal in the US and all…

  5. Well, of course he was a friend of Israel. Wasn’t he created by Siegel and Schuster? Not to mention that, morally speaking, he must be among the most Jewish non-Jewish fictional characters ever created.
    Strangely, despite all the horrible images I’ve seen in books and newspapers in the years since I last read a Superman comic, I found that shredded cape picture very disturbing.
    Rest in peace, Mr. Reeve. Hopefully someday the lame will walk and the real life Lex Luthors will be a distant memory, as unreal as fictional characters.

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