5 thoughts on “Fast Easy

  1. Um…. let it be a male who points out that this demeans women… speaking as a fan of shabot 6000, um, women who choose to have sex early in a relationship are not ‘fast and easy’ or sluts.
    to the extent that older MO females are easier to get laid with than the younger ones, maybe this is poking fun at the hurtful problem of pressure to be married and procreate.
    It’s so sad! The older I get the more I value unmarried and childless women in our community. God bless ’em, and may we all find sensitive ways of affirming their singlehood. And if you do end up having sex with one of these fine Jewish babes, please do so with honorable intentions and ethical relationship behavior….

  2. We should value everyone, we should also be procreating and doing so in the context of a loving marriage. Now more then ever this is easier, with the internet and airplanes.
    Heed these words folks, be fruitful and multiply (after marriage of course)

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